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Supporting Businesses that Care

Updated: Apr 1

Your delightful hosts at the Perching Parrot: Han (Hannah) and that's Theo out the back.

Several weeks ago, Alofa and I attended a private meeting of small and medium business owners to discuss surviving the new Traffic Light system. We expected a dozen attendees. But, instead, the hall was standing room only with at least 200 hundred in attendance. There were tears, and there was anger. Some businesses had already closed, others were about to, and the remainder would be marginal at best. These people and their employees stood to lose everything under the Traffic Light system; some would lose their homes.

It was estimated that an extra 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses will go broke over the next year under the Traffic Light system, more if there are too many red lights. We will be left with a business wasteland dominated by just a few big players. Amazon will march into New Zealand within the next year or so to cater for your every want and need, replacing all of those Mom and Pop businesses which face ruin.

So, we are spending our money on the businesses that do not actively support the traffic light system and its discrimination against the jabbed-free. I use the word "actively" here because we accept that business owners must take care not to suffer a massive fine, which, in reality, means bankruptcy.

Perching at the Parrot

A few weeks ago, I cycled back to Wellington from Levin, intending to stop along the way for a coffee and other refreshments. Unfortunately, because I do not have a vaccine passport to display, the first two cafes refused me service, so I bravely punched on into the Southerly headwind. I finally made it to my last hope for refreshments, the Perching Parrot cafe in Paekakariki, and talk about fabulous service by Han and Theo!

Recommended: "The Perching Parrot", Paekakariki

If you are wondering: Yes, I did ask Han and Theo if they did not mind me posting these photos in an article. Their response was enthusiastic, "Go for it!"

There is hope: two young people who are prepared to stand up and be counted!

Next time you are near Paekakariki, drop in on the Perching Parrot, perch a while, enjoy their delicious fare and tell them Gary Moller sent you!

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Jan 31, 2022

I missed this notice earlier...We're definitely going there for an outing! Thankyou! 😍

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Jan 31, 2022
Replying to

Comrade: Yes, please do and give the staff my regards. Tell your friends to visit as well.

Handy tip: take a chair with you since they may not supply chairs. Its the science: the chairs and tables are unsafe - deadly actually - if a cafe serves healthy people like us who do not have their papers in order.

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