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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

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Gary and Alofa
Taking some time out with Alofa

Is this for real?

As I write this, I do so with the 100% support of my partner, Alofa. Without having her by my side, I do not know how I would have gotten through this year. I lay awake many a night wondering if I was dreaming about what was happening to not just this beautiful country of ours, but of the entire planet? It was as if there was a great plan to destroy humanity, and our Great and Adored leader is hell-bent on having New Zealand be the troops leading the first charge.

The mad rush to inject a one-size-fits-all unproven remedy is hurting healthy Kiwis.

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A reader wrote: "Keep out of politics and stick to writing about health, Gary". Good advice, but times, they are a-changing.

While I've always done my best to focus my articles on health and not politics, this has been impossible lately. Although you could say that I have always been a conservative "Lefty", what has been going on recently has pushed me too far. Examples of what concerns me are the Three Waters Legislation, doing away with the community representation of Area Health Boards and the top-down, heavy-handed response to COVID. Generally, I'm very uncomfortable with the Government passing all kinds of controlling, Nanny-State legislation without adequate consultation with the public or robust debate in Parliament. This is just far too left and far too centralised and controlling for comfort, especially when "antiscience" and "super-woke" is added to the recipe.

Auckland University is an excellent example of where and how this woke cancel culture has taken hold. And, would you know it, the academics leading the woke charge at Auckland University to stifle debate by intimidation are also prominent science advisers to the Government on COVID. While this hijacking of health and science has been taking place over many years, the most recent actions of the Government mean that politics and health are now inextricably intertwined. It is now time to put a halt to this obscene madness and begin to unravel this tangled mess, but let's face it, this is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it must be done, no matter how daunting and difficult the task.

Hear it from the experts:

Big Rush for a Big Push

I began last year still discounting many conspiracy theories, such as the virus being a bioweapon manufactured in a laboratory or plans for vaccines becoming mandatory for all, including babies. I ignored warnings that we would be required to carry identity papers, and the "jab-free" people would be ostracised and excluded from society. I'm not sure these are all theories anymore: more like reality, or soon to be (yes: they will be coming for our babies soon).

You'll need three hours to listen to this podcast:

Caution has always been the best advice when it comes to health matters. I keep reminding myself of the following rule of thumb:

About 70% of today's health advice will later be shown to be either fully or partially WRONG.

So, if most health experts believe something like a vaccine will save us, you will probably be on the right side of history by being a sceptical member of the minority. But, unfortunately, with each passing day comes ever more confirmation that we, the "sceptical people", are on the right side of history because the vaccine is showing to be neither safe nor effective: it does not work very well and, worse than this: it is killing and maiming healthy people. Making matters worse, we'll be lucky if even one percent of this carnage is reported.

You might say I'm crazy to be thinking and saying these things, but events over the last year do not make for a healthy scorecard for a free and vital society, and the future looks glum. It is better to act now rather than be very sorry later. There is such a big urgent push to not only jab every adult using any tactic possible, from coercion, bribery to outright bullying that something smells really bad.

Talking about bad smells; remember when health boards advised pregnant women not to eat certain fish because of mercury levels? And suddenly they want us to deliver up our children, babies and pregnant women to the State so they can be injected with an experimental concoction? Something smells fishy to me.

In addition, it looks like there really is a plan to collapse the world economy so that we end up owning nothing. Klaus Schwab, creator of the World Economic Forum has said, "In ten years time you'll own nothing, and you'll be happy about it." He also said he wants to reduce the world population to a billion people. The obvious question is this: "If 7 billion people are wiped out and the rest of us left own nothing, then who owns what we all once owned?" The answer is now becoming clear:

A handful of already obscenely wealthy people who think they know what is best for us will own everything, and they will not stop until they have taken the lot, including our souls.

This is insanity and it has to stop now.

The New Year is upon us

So, how do we move forward to better things? Here are my suggestions:

  • Your first task is to think about what kind of world you want to leave for future generations. That cold flat world envisioned and controlled by Klaus and his cronies or something much more awesome and inspiring? I have had the great privilege of growing up in this paradise of a country with the freedom to explore, breathe and make my own choices. I'd like it to be as good if not better for future generations. I'd also like my children and grandchildren to know that they can count on me to bat for their future for as long as I am here on this earth.

  • Identify your non-negotiable principles. Even though I'm scared for our future I find that my only option to be at peace with myself is to continue to speak what I know to be true.

  • Find the courage to show up for the battle. It may seem a David vs. Goliath task to challenge the official narrative in these times, but just remember who won that battle against all odds by showing up and using his ingenuity - a resource not uncommon to Kiwis.

  • Refuse to be bullied by anyone. Bullies take from the weak and never give. If we don't stand our ground, this year will be no better than the last: most likely a lot worse. So stick to your guns!

  • Stick together. This past year, more than ever, I have found that by sticking together through thick and thin, we've all managed to come through these difficult times relatively unscathed. We've survived by sharing ideas and information, calling on each other to check in and just being there when things seemed hopeless or overwhelming. So I will continue to do so.

We've lost a few friends this year, people who disagree with what I have been writing about. However, we have gained many new ones, of like mind and that has been very inspiring.

This leads me to step into this New Year with the optimism that we are in the midst of a Great Awakening, rather than the Great Reset which is being foisted upon us by a few super-wealthy psychopaths. Goodness and Good Sense will prevail but it is going to need a helping hand from everyone. Although circumstances may, at times, appear hopeless, I am supremely confident that good will come out of what is presently unfolding.

"So you have two ways of viewing the future in 2022: continue hoping that the Globalists will eventually let you return to your former way of life, or realize that the only way forward if you want to live as a free person instead of a slave, is to start resisting, and roll up your sleeves and get to work, and stop expecting the government and others to take care of you."

(Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News)

I wish you and your family excellent health, freedom and prosperity.


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