• Gary Moller

Olympian, Kayla Imrie, on Nutrition and Performance

A great athlete is, first and foremost, a very healthy person

Kayla Imre

Kayla wrote:

I believe anyone competing at the elite level of sport cannot be deemed a “normal” person. It took me a while to grasp this concept that I, myself am an elite sportsperson and have found in the past that following a normal person's dietary requirements just isn’t enough.

Since working with Gary I have learned the importance of certain foods to enhance my training and performance. It has proven worthy shown through improvement in my race performance from international age group racing to the Rio Olympics within 2 years.

My training program consists of 14-16 sessions 6 days a week so being able to keep my body performing at a high level with speedy recovery is extremely important. Gary has a deeper understanding of my nutritional needs through the use of lab tests which then allows him to individualise nutritional support catered to my needs. Since working with him the biggest change I have seen is my advanced ability to recover from tough training blocks.

Kayla paddling K1