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What does an athlete eat for breakfast?

Updated: Feb 17

Gary's healthy athlete's breakfast

This is typical of what I eat for breakfast:

  • Free Range Eggs from our neighbour's parents who live up the Coast

  • Black Pudding from Island Bay Butchers

  • Free Range Bacon, also from Island Bay Butchers

These are gently fried in lard or coconut oil.

Egg yolks are kept runny so as to minimise heat damage to the delicate nutrients in the yolk.

The eggs are generously seasoned with pink salt, turmeric and black pepper - all have health benefits, especially when turmeric is dissolved in fat.

The black pudding is thinly sliced then gently braised on each side.

After devouring this delicious and nutritious meal, I then turn to my plate of muesli.

  • Home Made Muesli with one Weetbix with a dash of

  • Waihi Bush Flaxseed Oil

  • Full Cream Raw Milk straight from one very contented cow

  • And a dollop of unsweetened Yogurt made from full cream milk

I swallow a few vitamins and minerals which testing has indicated that I'd benefit from.

Then I'll finish with a lovely cup of coffee that has a generous dash of fresh cream in it, while relaxing a while, on our balcony in the full sun (vitamin D).

This meal will sustain me until Midday or longer. No hypoglycaemic ups-and-downs are suffered here and there is certainly no need to snack every few hours which is not all that healthy a practice - even for athletes!

What I find really interesting is that, since changing back to this kind of traditional farmer's diet while cutting snacking, my body fat has dropped from about 17% down to less than 10% while my muscle has increased. And my athletic performance has improved dramatically. Of course, there is a lot more to health and performance than this, but how and what you eat is the first place to begin your quest.

Way to go I say! Yum, yum!

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