• Gary Moller

You are invited to my special webinar on diet and nutrition!

In this two hour webinar, I'm going to teach you all about Gentle Ketosis: The healthiest way to eat!

4-6pm, Sunday, July 4th via Zoom video conferencing

This webinar is for people interested in living a long, healthy, productive and rewarding life.

(this will be recorded and available for replay for all who subscribe to the webinar)

Gentle Keto

You'll be aware that Intermittent Fasting and Ketosis are all the rage in the diet and fitness community right now, but both of these have their limitations and do not suit all physiologies. Few people have the discipline to keep at them for the long term. In my experience, It is best to avoid one-size-fits-all diets that require mind over matter. Even if you have the willpower to rapidly depart from what your body has currently adapted to, the interruption to your metabolic homeostasis can set you up for eventual failure and an unfavourable rebound effect.

What the webinar is about

What and how we eat should be integral to our lifestyles no matter how old we are, gender, ethnicity, health status or activities. Ketosis and intermittent fasting are not the best choices. There is a better way, and I'm going to share it with you.

This webinar is for everyone interested in living a long, healthy, productive and rewarding life.

Elderly woman with a javelin

The better choice is what I have developed over many years of study and self-experimentation. I call it Gentle Ketosis, and I'm now ready to share its secrets with you. It is the key to my success with winning three Masters Mountain Bike World Championships and keeping healthy as my 70's too rapidly beckon.

You'll get to understand concepts such as metabolic flexibility and resilience, ketosis and how these lead to the idea of Gentle Ketosis.