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Support for a gentle ketosis training programme

Updated: Feb 28

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The purpose of this article is to support the "Gentle ketosis Plan's" diet guidelines. Read this article first, then read on:

Purchase the following items for a supped-up Metabolic Energiser Drink:

Thoroughly mix all of the powders together in a large bowl then store in a couple of jars in a cool, dark place when not in use. You have purchased two MCT pots. Put just one pot of MCT into the mix, put the other one aside (you'll be using this extra pot daily as a separate item to the Energiser).

Purchase these as well:

Have zero carbs, or close to it, from waking through to your evening meal as per the Gentle Ketosis Plan.

How to use the lipids

Have two cod liver oil and 2-6 bioactive lipid capsules during the day when you are having near-zero carbs (no sugar). Spread them out over the period between waking and your evening dinner. These supply some wonderful nutrients as well as being a suitable energy source in themselves.

How to use the MCT powder

Use a heaped teaspoon of MCT powder 2-4 times during the day to maintain and enhance fat-burning. Whenever you feel you are getting too hungry or hypoglycaemic (if your mind is beginning to wander, if you feel like you are becoming dissociated with reality, if you are feeling weak, if you are day-dreaming about potato chips and ice-cream), this is the time to pop a few lipid caps and to have a rounded teaspoon of MCT powder in water or a beverage like a cup of tea or coffee.

This is also the time you might want to eat something like an egg or can of sardines with a sprinkling of pepper and pink salt (pink salt provides many trace minerals, replenishes sodium lost through sweating and enhances digestion. Pepper stimulates metabolism and the retention of some nutrients such as curcumin).

How to use the Metabolic Energiser

Exercise normally. When doing a workout, take the supped up Energiser with you as a performance-enhancing drink, to sustain your workout and to enhance recovery. Put 2-6 teaspoons in a bottle of water which you can take with you. If this is not practical, such as when running as opposed to cycling, paddling or in the gym or pool, then have a few teaspoons in a drink 10-20 minutes beforehand then have another couple of teaspoons during the hour or so after finishing.

The Energiser, combined with the MCT, makes a delicious energy drink that has minimal sugars, other than what is in the blackcurrant. What sugar is in the Energiser is burned in a jiff during intense or prolonged exercise and is not going to push you out of ketosis. In fact, it will enhance the entire process and add to the performance. We do not have to go to extremes to achieve our health, fitness and body composition goals.

Use of the Energiser during competition

The Energiser is fabulous to use during any intense competition for sustained and consistent performance. But this depends on your body having had the time over several months to become very efficient at using fat as its main energy source during intense activity.

How much water you add depends on how much sweating you are anticipating, taste, the intensity of the exercise and your tummy's tolerance. It is very well tolerated, but experiment with dilution. As a general rule of thumb be on the diluted side. One tip is to have two bottles handy: one with concentrated Energiser and the other plain water.

Note: if you feel a slight tingling feeling after taking the Energiser this is a sign that it is working its magic (tingling is one of the effects of beta-alanine).

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