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Why the Freedom Village is Great for Wellington's Economy

Updated: Mar 23

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Each day more people arrive in Wellington to demand an immediate end to the mandates. I'm getting calls from people asking for help because they can't get a booking in a motel, hotel, or Air BnB. People are hiring campervans.


After seeing the images here, one woman in her 80's hitchhiked overnight all the way from Hamilton with only the clothes she was wearing, plus her false teeth.

The call went out and the people responded.

Hari Krishna also heard the call and came to bring peace and harmony and to serve free vegan meals by the thousand and they've been hard at it, non-stop, chants and all.

Hey, I would never have believed, if I did not see it with my own eyes; the Hari Krishna has gone electronic!


Two to three thousand hot meals are being prepared and served three times a day, ingredients purchased locally and some from further afield.


Everyone came and more are coming.


Like the Hari Krishna, police reinforcements also descended en-masse into Wellington and they've been hard at it as well! Air New Zealand must be doing very well out of flying these police back and forth from the Capital and no wonder the protestors are being forced to camp out in Parliament's grounds - it's the police's fault: they're booking out all the rooms! And they are even providing us with free lighting, machines hired locally, of course!


Like a rock concert or an All Blacks game, but one that is running 24/7, day after day, millions of dollars are being pumped into the local economy, and all for the cost of closing off a few streets. Wow!

The Greenies must be delighted because we have turned streets into walkways, with the cars and trucks there not burning even a teaspoon of fuel between them.

We're here for the next generation.


If I was the Mayor of Wellington, I'd be saying this to his people:



Gotta finish with some cute dogs.


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Feb 22, 2022

You're becoming quite the ace photographer, Gary! LOVE the pix! 😍


Kiwi Cam
Kiwi Cam
Feb 21, 2022

Agree. I haven't heard LSM reporting on the businesses that are doing well out of this, but perhaps its because I only glance at the news apps occasionally and that's it. I hear that others could be making more if they didn't enforce mandates too. No sympathy for some of those people that can't be helped. Victims.

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