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Why do jabbed people get sick and die?

Updated: Mar 11

I've written numerous articles about COVID. I've lost count of how many I've written. I've written about healthy people, including young men and women dying suddenly while doing relatively innocuous exercise, or in their sleep. Premature deaths are one thing but there are also the countless others, such as Sarah, who suffered non-fatal harm.

(The chart below is inspired by my work during the late 1970's, when setting up the Accident Compensation Corporation's (ACC) sports and recreation prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programmes.)

pyramid of harm and death

This enormous burden of estimated non-fatal harm isn't just cardiac but more than 100 conditions, ranging from overwhelming wildfire cancers to infertility and miscarriages as outlined in the Pfizer Trial documents.

For the past four years, doctors and other health professionals have been constantly pricking our citizens, even children, injecting them with what can only be described as a poison. Our small Wellington clinic is now inundated with pleas for assistance from individuals who are consequently sick. Our health system isn't coping and it's late summer when the population should be at its healthiest! I fear for how things might be, come the cold winter months. People believe the medical system, including the ACC, has failed and completely abandoned them. I have to agree.

Although we don't need any research studies to tell us we have a serious and growing health problem, there are numerous studies coming out confirming what we are experiencing in the clinic.

Australian blogger, Phillip Altman writes about the latest horrific findings:

"Now there is further evidence of cardiac injury following Covid-19 jabs. A peer reviewed study published by Nakahara et al (Radiology, 2023;308(3):e230743) showed radiological evidence that 47% of people Covid-19 vaccinated demonstrated increased effort in cardiac cells vs unvaccinated individuals and this effect persists for 6 months. The statistical probability that this study result occurred by chance is 1 in 1000. This is additional evidence to explain why some Covid vaccinated people die suddenly."

Please help us get the truth out and to get proper treatment and justice for the people who have suffered harm:

  • Write to your Member of Parliament, the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister and ask them what they are doing to stop this carnage. Many of you have already done this, but please do it again and again. We mustn't let them off the hook about this criminal behaviour. People are still being maimed and many are dying.

  • Demand that the Government declare a national mass-casualty event. Many thousands of innocent New Zealanders have suffered harm, and the government must use all its resources to stop any further damage and do everything it can to help treat and rehabilitate those who have experienced loss and harm.

  • Demand of Government that ACC is instructed to take a more caring, proactive and helpful approach when dealing with cases of alleged COVID vaccine harm. The ACC is operating at too high a bar for accepting such injuries. The process of making a claim and proof of harm too onerous for the ill and injured to endure to completion. Most people give up their claim out of exhaustion, despair and lack of finance to hire the expertise needed to win their case.

  • Make a submission about extending the terms of reference for the COVID Inquiry. Get all of your friends and family to put in their own submissions. This is a numbers game.

Be strong and determined, and I extend my warmest wishes for your continued good health!

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Greg Sharpe
Greg Sharpe
Mar 04

It's the biggest con of the 21st Century. 5.7 billion trialists (crash test dummies in fact) for an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. The word experimental was erased from the Pfizer vaccine description as time went on. Will we get billions of trialists for the next planned PLANDEMIC? The WEF and WHO have stated they are ready to release another global pandemic. Nothing to do with health, just Control and depopulation to please Klaus Schwab and his Global Elite. 😶💀

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Mar 04
Replying to

In answer to your questions, Greg: Yes!

Our best action is to get more politically active so we ARE the next government and we take back control of NZ. Give the globalists and their wokey-dokey lackeys the Big Finger!

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