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What I think is going on with the Spike Protein

Updated: Apr 5


Here are some examples of the kind of correspondence that come in most days (edited):

"I have been feeling really unwell for almost a year. It seems to me the Pfizer vaccines may be the cause; I have fatigue, malaise, short breathe, and my legs feel like cotton… every time I have a cold or a vaccine (if my body responds to something), I get well for a week or so, and then my symptoms come back. I have done many blood tests, and my liver functions are a bit high. Everything else is fine."

This once fit and healthy man, who is quoted above, was on the improve, then:

"Do you have any thoughts on this?

For the last three days, my bad symptoms came back, feeling exhausted, shortness of breath, heavy and weak body, burning eyes…

It was gone entirely, and now I am back three weeks after testing positive for Covid.

Do you think it's due to the spike protein in my body? And is there anything else I should take or do?

It's very annoying; it feels like it's never-ending."

"Hi, I had one covid vax jab a year ago and have had a lump on my arm since. It won't go down, and it stings when I touch it. My doctor says it will disperse, but it's been a year and no change. I always feel tired and like my body retains a lot of fluid."

"Ongoing fatigue - supposedly diagnosed with post-viral fatigue. I initially had what seemed like covid symptoms without testing positive. I lost taste, had a fever etc. Since then, I have been riding a roller coaster. Times of feeling great and back to normal, and then back down in the dumps. This fatigue has happened numerous times. I have had many blood tests done. I'm running out of ideas. and patience."

So, what do I think is happening with these people and many more with similar health issues? While I am unable to diagnose, or medically treat these and similar conditions, I am able to speculate as to the root causes, through the following:

  1. Direct experience of what are now countless cases that have come my way over the last year.

  2. Constant in-depth study of the increasing mountain of research on this virus, the vaccine and other treatments.

  3. Daily discussion of the issues with medical and other health professionals who are at the 'coal-face' of this epidemic of illness and mortality.

  4. Seeing what appears to be working and what does not work with assisting recovery.

  5. With age and experience comes what is known as "wisdom", otherwise known as being able to see the big picture and to connect dots that may appear unrelated.

So, mid to late last year (2021) we started seeing an upsurge in unusual cases of people suffering heart, neurologic and extreme fatigue conditions. We also had reports of what is now described as "wildfire" cancer and a surge in miscarriages and stillbirths.

Read this and watch the video:

There was no COVID in New Zealand at the time, so COVID was not to blame. This unusual surge of cases did coincide with the mass roll-out of the mRNA vaccine. It was a no-brainer connecting the dots.

Read this:

What I think is going on is the purpose of the mRNA jab is to hijack people's DNA, instructing it to make a spike protein that is best described as akin to snake venom. This mRNA and the toxin circulate and are known to concentrate in the most biologically active tissues, including the liver, kidneys, heart, nervous system, ovaries and testes. Blood cells and the lining of the blood vessels are, of course, directly in the firing line of this toxic spike protein.

It is now known that this mRNA instruction to make spike persists for at least eight months! So, if a person has one booster after another, there is a layering of mRNA instructions on top of the others. You do not have to be a medical expert to know that this does not sound at all safe.

Then, come early this year, Omricon entered the country. Contrary to what the Government's experts told us, the mRNA jab did not prevent infection nor transmission: It increased susceptibility to infection and made symptoms worse! Imagine the harm from the spike protein being in constant circulation and the damage it does to a person's vitality, including immune defences. You do not need to be an expert to realise that this is not a healthy thing. But we'll go a step further:

So, "vaccinated" peoples' immune defences are now under 24/7 attack by a toxin that their previously healthy body is now being genetically instructed to manufacture. So imagine this as a bitter civil war where a person's body is fighting with itself. As this war drags on, their immune system tires while also developing a "Stockholm Syndrome." It begins to treat the spike as one of its neighbours and even as a friend. So, it no longer responds to neutralise and kill the spike protein. It ignores it. However, the spike keeps harming, such as causing inflammation, micro blood clotting, damage to organs such as the ovaries and more.

Then, early this year, people in New Zealand started to catch Omricon, a milder form of the original COVID, for which we now know the mRNA vaccine provides no defence. Upon contracting Omricon, there is a 7-14 day spike in spike toxin, then the infection is over, no more spike is being made and what is there is being rapidly cleared from the body. However, for the vaccinated, this is a 7-10 day spike in spike toxin on top of what is already in the body and has been circulating, doing further layers of harm on top of what may have already been going on for several or more months - crikey!

But matters are made worse, bearing in mind this is all educated speculation: People who have had one or more jabs have an immune system that may either not recognise the spike protein or else may only mount a weak defence, including being very slow to neutralise and clear the spike toxin from their bodies. A healthy immune response to a virus usually means a respiratory viral infection is done and dusted within about ten days.

I had one case of a man who, despite being fully jabbed, had caught Omricon four times this year. Under healthy circumstances, an infection caught in the wild gives the person robust and lasting immunity, including resistance to any mutations of the virus that was contracted. It is clear from cases such as this that the jab is not a vaccine, and when these people contract the infection in the wild, they are not producing a robust immune response, thus being reinfected.

What I am describing is now known as vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS).

So, without going into specifics because I am not going to give treatment advice over the internet, here are some general ideas for remedying this alarming situation that so many people now find themselves in:

  1. No more mRNA jabs! This goes without saying: it is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, I am not aware of anything a person can do to remove mRNA from the body other than to wait for it to finally denature while doing all we can to reduce the damage being done during however long this takes.

  2. Invest in healthy nutritional therapies that may help counter the damaging and inflammatory effects of the spike protein. There are many, but what is best for one person may be different to the needs of others, so get expert advice and guidance about this.

  3. Invest in nutritional and lifestyle measures that bolster one's overall health, including the immune system.

  4. If a person suspects a vaccine injury, insist their doctor file a claim with ACC to cover their medical costs, loss of income, home care, and so on. It is not the doctor's place to decline a claim: that is over to ACC to assess the case's merits.

To finish, here is a message from me to fellow New Zealanders:

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Nov 08, 2022

As a retired veterinary surgeon with many years researching toxins especially those affecting mental health of children, there are at least two aspects to the spike protein that we all should be aware of:-

  1. it is a prion protein with serious effects on the brain now and in future;

  2. it destroys the blood brain barrier thus allowing other toxins easy access to the brain especially the heavy metals found in fluoridated drinking water and , in USA- don't know about NZ yet, infant formula;

  3. it has the same effect on the placental barrier and the gut lining, hence effects on the foetus and leaky gut and the myriad of symptoms from that.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 09, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for your contribution. It is so encouraging that there are so many knowledgeable people like you who we can call upon.

It blows me away that they could have foisted this toxin upon all of humanity without first ensuring it is both safe and effective, of which it is obviously neither, and so obviously so from Day One!

Now, we are left to deal with the consequences which we are only now beginning to understand. Such as an anticipated increase in miscarriages and still births. 20% infertility appears to be one consequence coming from EU studies.

It is just too horrific to tolerate.


Megan Ward
Megan Ward
Nov 03, 2022

Wow, the bottom half of this article is displaying with a shudder that I have never seen my computer or browser window manifest before, must be some powerful vibes in what you're saying here, Gary!

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 03, 2022
Replying to

Hi Megan, there should be some powerful vibes there. After all, we are talking about families and loved ones suffering harm and losses.

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