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The evidence is in: We were right to stand our ground!

Updated: Apr 5

Note: If you get a shimmering or shuddering of the text from the first video, do this:

Press the ctrl and alt buttons on your keyboard, and hold as you click the refresh icon for your browser (usually upper left of your screen). That should resolve the problem.

They told us the jab:

  • Was safe.

  • Prevents infection.

  • Prevents transmission.

  • Does not alter our DNA.

They told us:

  • Lockdowns were necessary to keep us safe.

  • Not to talk to our neighbours.

  • Masks prevented infection and transmission.

  • Natural immunity did not apply to COVID infection.

They told us:

  • Children were at risk of dying if infected, so they must be jabbed to keep them safe.

  • Natural immunity after contracting COVID gave no or limited protection from reinfection.

  • The unvaccinated were placing the vaccinated at risk and were going to kill Granny, so they must be shunned, ridiculed and treated as sub-humans (yes, "a river of filth").

Guess what?

They were wrong!

Wrong on every count!

Were right all along on every count!

Here's just one example of how they got it so wrong and continue to lie to you:

Dr Guy Harchard has written extensively about genetics, including the extreme risks we take with the future of humanity when we allow mad scientists to fiddle with our DNA.

Download PDF • 20.26MB

Please read this, then continue:

Here is Guy's latest project:

And now, while the world is waking up to the carnage, those responsible for these crimes against humanity appear to be preparing the way for an amnesty. The criminals are also proposing investigating themselves!

The following two videos are a mixed bag of good and bad news: At least, in the UK, they admit they got it wrong, but what is going to come of this, other than allowing the culprits to paper over the crevices while letting themselves off the hook for prosecution?

The deaths are only beginning, including miscarriages, stillbirths, infertility, wildfire infections, cancers, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and many autoimmune diseases. Those responsible for the millions of dead and maimed, and those yet to come, must not be allowed to avoid the consequences of their actions.

"Sweden Wins! Country That Refused Lockdown and Kept Schools Open Has Lowest Pandemic Mortality in the World"

For an analysis of the EU data:

The data for children is horrifying.

"But", you might ask, "What about New Zealand and Australia: aren't they evidence of success?"

I don't think so because we (NZ and Au) are one season behind most of the rest of the world, and remember that many "COVID deaths" were vaccine deaths, so vaccine-related deaths are under-reported, while COVID deaths are over-reported. Sinister agendas are getting in the way of good science.

The lockdowns and other Draconian measures deployed in New Zealand and Australia merely delayed the inevitable. So, as the helicopters and ambulances rush ill people to hospitals that are already bursting at the seams and undertakers construct more crematoria, the perpetrators double down to spread their misinformation of the jab being safe and effective while manipulating the statistics such as to show that suicides are down when everyone working in mental health know the truth that suicides are up - way up!

Over the following years, I predict "excess deaths" from all causes, including those from unknown causes, will blow out: They are already. The pandemic may be officially over, but for the vaccinated people, the deaths and disabilities, which may be intergenerational, have only begun to work their way through them. Things will get a lot worse unless we respond to immediately halt this jab-happy madness, declare a mass casualty event, and mobilise the nation's resources to respond with first-world treatment and rehabilitation.

The people who took the jab thinking they were doing the right thing for their country, who did so to keep harmony with their family and friends or to keep their jobs, or continue their education, or go to the shop or use a bus, all have good reason to feel cheated, angry and to expect justice, including reparations.

But we don't want justice delivered by the perpetrators for the perpetrators, and not behind closed doors. And we do not want an amnesty, especially while the lies, the coercion and the harm are ongoing - nothing has changed, yet they are talking about giving themselves an amnesty!

Yep, the criminals and their dark army of faithful collaborators are commencing to position for an amnesty, in case it is needed. Unbelievable! Don't let them get away with their crimes:

“It is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”.

Lord Hewart

The helicopters and ambulances were busy yesterday, as they were the days before: It was a busy week for emergency services. Each time I hear the sirens or the copter as it passes by on its way to Wellington Hospital, I feel sad because each one of these is a human tragedy; I think of their loved ones in tears and how unnecessary this all is, if only those in charge will exercise common sense and listen to the real experts while showing just a modicum of remorse. But, perhaps, they had their plans before the pandemic, planned well before 2019, and these never included keeping people safe or saving lives. They will not budge from the course they have set us on unless forced to do so.

Let's end this grim and divisive topic with some cynical humour:

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 12, 2022

Note: If you get a shimmering or shuddering of the text from the first video, do this:

Press the ctrl and alt buttons on your keyboard, and hold as you click the refresh icon for your browser (usually upper left of your screen). That should resolve the problem.


Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Nov 12, 2022

Hi Gary... a great post but it is shimmering so much it is very difficult to read on my desktop screen. I have noticed this on previous occasions too, and this has the same characteristics. IOW the text is perfectly stable up until the video link and then from there on it shimmers quite badly. I am not sure if this is simply a technical issue in the way the videos load or if it is just another example of the long arm of Big-tech interfering yet again in the airing of extremely uncomfortable home truths which help to expose the Mr Global agenda of mass genocide. Cheers and warm regards Col

Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
Nov 12, 2022
Replying to

I followed your instructions Gary and it is doing it again. .

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