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The health benefits of going low carb

Updated: Mar 15

"If you'd been in the room when you told .... with diabetes and high blood pressure... to get into ketosis and start intermittent fasting, I would have thrown my arms around you! "


That is what a health professional wrote after a three-way Zoom consultation to review one of her patient's hair tissue mineral analyses (HTMA). Although it goes against conventional medical advice, the health benefits from drastically reducing carbs and sugar from one's diet are significant and wide-ranging. Most diseases, especially the chronic, degenerative ones, gradually decline or disappear.

While nothing but good will come from removing processed grains and sugar from one's diet, the transition still needs to be done with close monitoring when there are clinical health problems with hypertension and diabetes.

I recently ran a webinar on the topic of "Gentle Ketosis". This webinar was my first one, and it attracted almost 100 participants, which was awesome. I've more presentations in the pipeline about healthy eating and other related subjects, such as effectively detoxifying and overcoming adrenal fatigue. So keep an eye out for them.

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