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A healthy nut and seed recipe

Updated: Mar 29

hair tissue chart

When we review hair tissue mineral analyses (HTMA) with clients, we relate what is on the chart with the most suitable foods to be eating to support each person's nutritional requirements. Many people wish to keep their intake of animal products on the low side, rather than high. Animal products provide us with nutrient density, which is always a very good starting point for nutrition. The next most nutrient-dense food group is nuts and seeds. So, let's look at nuts and seeds and how to get the most out of them regarding the HTMA.

Let's assume a person needs more, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, chromium and selenium. We then go to the website of Analytical Research Laboratories who have made up a handy online minerals reference:

For each mineral, I ask the client to make a master list of the nuts and seeds recommended. This may end up with a list of 6-8 different nuts and seeds. The next task is to go shopping to purchase a small supply of these seeds and nuts.

Once home, soak them for 12-24 hours in a brine solution. Make sure there is plenty of water.

Soaking triggers the germination process, releasing the bound nutrients. Pour off the water, which now carries the unwanted nut and seed preservatives. Dry the mix, and gently roast it with a dash of coconut oil, being very careful not to burn the mix. Voila! You now have a delicious and nutritious lightly salted and oiled nut and seed mix.

This makes a very nutritious snack. When ground up with a little extra olive, coconut, flax or avocado oil - or a mix of these, you have a great side dish for meals.

A healthy nuts and seeds meal
A healthy nuts and seeds meal

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