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The Freedom Village: Why aren't they dropping like flies?


Our One Sauce of Truth tells us that COVID and its Omricon variant are so deadly that we must isolate, and shut down this country, destroy its industry and commerce, fire anyone, including thousands of health professionals because they refuse the jab or the boosters. And, we are told we must go one step further and jab every man, woman (including pregnant women), child and, soon, every baby must be jabbed in order to be "safe". In addition, we were told to mask up, fear our fellow man, do not talk to our neighbours and shun the unvaccinated.

Human again!


Within the Freedom Village, we have said to hell with all of that fearful stuff that is based on junk science and outright lies.

Instead, we welcome everyone: vaxxed, unvaxxed, masked and unmasked and all with no social distancing - with hugs and kisses!


My daughter Myra with Megan, the violinist, exercising the new social-distancing

So, I've been in the Freedom Village for several hours every day and I must have hugged at least a thousand people - no handshakes, just hugs. I've hugged people from the top and the bottom of the country, and from the East and the West, but still, I'm well. I'm disappointed: I want to catch this bug right now and get it over and done with before Winter - every healthy person needs to do this, and quickly while protecting the elderly and the vulnerable. Widespread natural immunity is the key to escaping the prison the Government has made for us all.

The farmers are here from Colin Meads Country