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The best home-made energy drink in the world

(Updated June 2022)

drinking water

While cool, clean water is always best, there are times when a little extra is needed to boost one's energy reserves. We used to supply a homemade drink for this purpose, and we called it"Metabolic Energiser", or what was also affectionately named "Go-Go Juice" by one person. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the Energiser right now due to problems locating all the ingredients, but I have an excellent alternative for you, and it's still good value.

Get the following:

Put them into a bowl, mix them thoroughly with a cake mixer, and store them in 2-3 glass jars in a cool, dark place.


Alternative Recipe

Get these:



or the larger of them for better value:




Mix these and take as per the instructions.

Have two heaped teaspoons of the mix each day, preferably with this:

(Take careful note of the citrus drink ingredients).

This formula is a low-sugar energy drink and does not contain stimulants such as caffeine.

If you want to super-charge this formula for the ultimate in sporting performance and recovery, add a quarter of a pot of these extra ingredients into the basic mixture (there is a quick summary of the performance benefits on each product's page):