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The best home-made energy drink in the world

Updated: Mar 24

(Updated June 2022)

drinking water

While cool, clean water is always best, there are times when a little extra is needed to boost one's energy reserves. We used to supply a homemade drink for this purpose, and we called it"Metabolic Energiser", or what was also affectionately named "Go-Go Juice" by one person. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the Energiser right now due to problems locating all the ingredients, but I have an excellent alternative for you, and it's still good value.

Get the following:

Put them into a bowl, mix them thoroughly with a cake mixer, and store them in 2-3 glass jars in a cool, dark place.


Alternative Recipe

Get these:

or the larger of them for better value:


Mix these and take as per the instructions.

Have two heaped teaspoons of the mix each day, preferably with this:

(Take careful note of the citrus drink ingredients).

This formula is a low-sugar energy drink and does not contain stimulants such as caffeine.

If you want to super-charge this formula for the ultimate in sporting performance and recovery, add a quarter of a pot of these extra ingredients into the basic mixture (there is a quick summary of the performance benefits on each product's page):

These super-charger additions will last several months because only 1/4 of a pot is added to each batch, so ensure what remains is stored in airtight containers in a cool, dark place.

The best way to drink it is to put the powder into a bottle with a dash of Nucell, as per the citrus drink recipe, fill it with water, and give it a good shake. Then, drink it in dollops over the day. It is excellent to drink before, during and after exercise, but best any time you need an energy boost.

The individual doses of each ingredient are below what experts recommend for "loading and maintenance", but I do not think this matters. Rather than large doses, your body loves a modest dribble of nutrients most days, like one might grow plants with hydroponics. So, small amounts often are better than mega-doses now and then. The other point is that nutrients do not work on their own but with many other nutrients to create a synergy of action. So, by combining small amounts of synergistic ingredients into one, the benefits from the whole are more significant than what may be gained from large doses of each ingredient on its own. Got the idea?

Have up to four teaspoons in plenty of water (preferably the citrus water) on any day you are doing exhausting physical exercise or work: I find it perfect as a drink during intense competition or lengthy physical exertion. Most days, including recovery ones, can be two heaped teaspoons.

Depending on use, this mix should last at least 2-4 months, so store it in airtight jars in a cool, dark place.

Add our Super Smoothie to your day!

The delicious and nutritious Super Smoothie

The Super Smoothie is a delicious recipe that ticks all the boxes nutritionally: It is affordable and mainly sourced from New Zealand manufacturers and is the perfect companion for the Energiser Drink:

Handy tip:

Turbo-charge your day: Add a heaped teaspoon of Energiser to the Super Smoothie, then blend!

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May 15, 2022

This brew sounds amazing Gary ... taken appropriately it should get us firing on all cylinders!

I'm curious to know whether legend Axe Rawlinson has made the most of your expertise by imbibing a similar super- healthy energy drink on some of his epic adventures? 🛶 🏔️ 🏕️

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
May 15, 2022
Replying to

Marian, yes, Axe does indeed but variations.

And, it will have you firing on all 8 cylinders!

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