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Petition: Royal Commission of Inquiry in the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine

Updated: Apr 5

Stand up and be heard!

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Aly wrote:

"Hi Everyone

The petition is nearing 12,000 signatures and only a few days to run to the 31st of March

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share to your databases via email and on social media, text to people. Get them to share

This will be our ONLY chance to ask for this in a petition, as parliament petition will not allow another petition with similar wording . It took me ages to get this over the line and I need your help to get it out there. We need to send a strong message to the members of the New Zealand Parliament about the vaccine injured and for those who have lost their lives.

PLEASE sign and share Petition of Aly Cook: A Royal Commission of Inquiry into the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines (

Thank you and Kindest Regards

Aly Cook "

Petition request That the House of Representatives call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry in the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine use in New Zealand.

Petition reason 68429 adverse events have been reported after Covid-19 vaccines. This includes 3688 serious events including heart attack, myocarditis, pericarditis & spontaneous abortion. The vaccines were advertised as safe and effective. I believe there is insufficient research into mRNA vaccine injuries. I believe there have been more adverse reactions reported after Covid-19 vaccines than other medicines and that it is untrue that they are effective. I believe it is time for an inquiry.



Aly is a talented professional singer. Here is her website:

For every severe event, including deaths reported, there must be thousands of lesser instances of harm. So, if there have been 3,688 serious events, hundreds of thousands of less severe events must occur.

In addition, I estimate less than one per cent of injuries from the jab are attributed to the mRNA vaccine when they probably should be. This is because of the near blanket denial by all in charge of health policy, including doctors, who have been either intimidated or brainwashed that these experimental poisons are entirely safe and effective. They are not safe.


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