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Proof that mRNA Vaccines are killing people

Rescue helicopter
This is the view from our home

"These figures prove that the Covid-19 vaccines are not effective and are causing side effects so severe that they are resulting in increased mortality.This should be of grave concern to everyone, especially those who have been vaccinated. And it should be on the front page of every newspaper, and the main topic of discussion on every news channel. The science is definitive, and authorities and Governments should withdraw the Covid-19 vaccines immediately from future use. If they do not do this then they are proving to the public that they have an ulterior motive to reduce the world’s population. Because this is precisely what will happen if the repeat rollout of these experimental and dangerous injections is allowed to continue."

Here is the evidence, and it is coming from the New Zealand government:

Excess deaths chart


My friend, who rode with me during my buildup for the cyclocross world championships last year, now lies in the hospital, paralysed after suffering a massive stroke. He was double-jabbed early last year.

While typing this, I hear the ambulance rushing another poor soul to the hospital. The rescue helicopter flies past our house delivering patients to the hospital. Like the ambulances, it seems to be working day and night. It woke us again last night.

Meanwhile, mainstream media reports our hospitals are overflowing, and nobody knows why!

Why do we have to go to independent news media in the UK to find out what is happening in New Zealand? Is our media so corrupt that it refuses to analyse and report on official NZ government statistics?

I'll leave the final word to Dr Guy Hatchard:

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