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More mRNA Jabs = More deaths!

Here's the evidence, folks:

Vaccines per dose with excess deaths graph

The Dutch authors wrote this following their conclusions:

"After these conclusions, the government in particular, sitting in the doctor's chair, should ask itself a number of questions:

  • How is it possible that mass vaccination has not reduced excess mortality?

  • Why do countries that have barely vaccinated now have by far the lowest excess mortality?

  • Why do countries with minimal vaccination no longer have deaths from corona?

  • Why does the excess mortality in the highly vaccinated countries seem to be increasing rather than declining?

  • Why do we not see an increase in excess mortality in low-vaccinated countries if 88,000 hospital admissions in the Netherlands were prevented thanks to vaccination?

The answers to these questions will help us make decisions about future epidemics."



What is terrifying is the authors' prediction that deaths per mRNA jab could be as high as one per thousand. Now, bear in mind that, for each death, there are countless thousands of injuries, many of which are permanently disabling. This is what we're in the midst of right now and what we must deal with for decades. I fear this is a fast-growing burden that no country, let alone New Zealand, can shoulder.

Meanwhile, our Government remains not only in complete denial that they have created a massive disaster, but they are also planning mRNA jabs for everything under the sun!

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