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More about how free speech is censored

Updated: Feb 11

(Updated 12 Feb 2023)

"Hey, Gary,

I noticed your blog post about your suppressed posts the other day, and I thought I’d share my version with you.

Check out the screenshot I’ve attached below. In it, you’ll see how the launch of my film – We Came Here for Freedom (about the NZ Freedom convoy and the Wellington protest) – has been suppressed. It went under the radar for almost a month. Then suddenly, after Chantelle Baker mentioned it in a VFF webinar (causing a little boost in viewership), it got an age restriction slapped on it, which effectively made it non-viewable on Youtube for most users and flatlined its viewership. I can’t help but think that this is an example of how closely Chantelle is monitored and censored because the film didn’t receive any attention before that. And that should be a chilling thought for all Kiwis. I tried to appeal on the basis that the scenes depicted were of an actual historical event and plenty of other films and videos on Youtube that depict the same things (e.g., the Stuff propaganda “film”). But somehow, the content is suddenly deemed dangerous to under-18s. Luckily I built a website to host the film, so I could replace the Youtube link with a more freedom-loving Rumble video version, so people can still see an essential part of New Zealand’s history. But the NZ government has a way of asking them to stop people from seeing what they don’t like.

How many more examples of censorship do the public need to see?





Please read this article which prompted Alistair's email, and you'll see for yourself the similarities of our experience with censorship:

Here is the first in a two-part documentary series by Alistair about the people at the Freedom Village that grew outside Parliament during the first few months of last year (2022). He lets the images and the voices do their thing, which I think is pretty cool.

Here is his Rumble channel to be informed and where you can support his work:

Our peaceful little country, with its Team of Five Million kind people, presided over by its equally kind and nurturing Mother of the Nation, spends over $300 million on spying. My question is this: How much of this money is being spent, not on looking outwards, but on looking inwards - in other words, spying on and manipulating the very people, they are supposed to be protecting?

They've been busy recruiting people, but what for? $345 million is a lot of money for New Zealand to spend on so-called "security" instead of infrastructure, health and education. What are they so afraid of that justifies spending all this money?

For all you know, your neighbour or bridge club committee member may be on the payroll: I'd guess they are preoccupied with identifying potential insurgents, such as mothers who plait their daughter's hair, grow vegetables, cook, knit and attend church. When they are not doing this, they are busy using their secretive "backdoors" into Google and social media or paying Big Tech big money to censor people like Alistair who associate with troublemakers like Chantell Baker or the BFD.

Watch this short video:

You can help us fight back by doing the following:

  1. Could you share this article and my earlier story?

  2. Please subscribe to our newsletters and channels (BFD, VFF, Alistair etc.) and encourage your friends to do the same.

  3. Contact MPs and challenge them to prove they are not spying on innocent Kiwis who are merely exercising their democratic freedoms.

  4. While you are at it, ask them to justify spending over $300 million on security when other areas of need are left wanting.

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