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No more Lockdowns! Here's why

Updated: Apr 5

Liv McNeil, a 15-year-old student at Etobicoke School of the Arts, Canada, has astonished many with her three-minute short film “Numb” about the isolation and boredom of the Covid lockdown. Liv did this for a school project. It’s a visualization of how kids like her have felt over the Covid lockdown. The film comes from McNeil’s real-life experience of numbness related to online learning.

There’s no structure, no friends to motivate me, I’m just in my room all day every day,” … “I’ve definitely felt numb and sad about quarantine, but I know isolation has been affecting people in different ways,” … “This is just what I know from my experience.


I've had a good life. Yesterday I consulted with two more young people with suspected chronic health issues associated with the repeated jabs. They've not been given a good start in life. These people and many like them are being ignored and sidelined. That's physical health, but what about mental health, especially of our youth? Liv McNeil's film pretty much sums up my feelings about what lockdowns and mandates have done to the mental health of New Zealanders, especially young people.

All in a vain effort to protect us from a virus that is not as severe as most winter flu.

Lest we forget: The country, locked down and isolated from the rest of the world, like North Korea, relaxed during the summer break of 2021-22, when the politicians and bureaucrats left Wellington for their luxury summer hideaways. The people collectively exhaled sighs of relief. Then, come the end of January 2022, when they returned to Wellington, the mandates were introduced without any consultation or options. Those who objected to losing their businesses, jobs and freedoms were ruthlessly forced to comply. Do not forget!

Every politician and their collaborators who enthusiastically enforced lockdowns, masks, and other methods of social isolation and mental torture to enforce a useless and harmful drug upon the populace should hang their heads in shame.

27th Booster cartoon
How many more boosters can you take?

Of great concern is suicide affecting all age groups and sectors of society, but my particular concern is for young people, not just in New Zealand but worldwide. The feelings of despair, hopelessness and powerlessness must be stifling. What they are experiencing is so incredibly different to my carefree childhood.

When I talk with people who work in mental health, there is no question: Suicide in New Zealand has skyrocketed, but these tragedies are dishonestly hidden within other causes of death, such as alcohol or drug-related, accidental falls or motor vehicle accidents.

The silence from doctors, politicians and health officials about this Tsunami of unnecessary and preventable harm, including suicide, is deafening. As the ambulances wail their way to the hospital below our home, I wonder where our religious leaders and institutions are. Like the doctors and our media, due to their silence, they are complicit in the crimes being committed against the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

Never-ending narrative cartoon

Some of us suspect the Government is planning more pandemic hype and hysteria that they will unleash upon us this coming Autumn. At the same time, despite spending a mind-boggling $70 billion on the pandemic (there are only five million people in NZ!), there is no meaningful investment in personal and public health to prepare our exhausted and immune-weakened population for the viruses that proliferate during Winter.

Instead, in collaboration with public institutions such as Auckland University and several private biotech institutions, there is massive investment in building this country's mRNA drug manufacturing capacity. And they are using your money to help finance this! These drugs are ineffective and harmful in terrifying ways. They cause genetic harm, infertility, immune damage and premature death. They do not stop infection or transmission, so they are not vaccines.

vaccine versus health cartoon
Health or vaccines - you choose!

Fact: mRNA drugs are being prepared for every infection under the sun, and the intention is to inject these into everyone. How is this possible, other than by manufacturing their justification by fear and coercion? This is coming as surely as the cold days of Winter turn into the coldest of nights. This will happen unless ordinary people stand up and say, "NO MORE!"

Stages of quarantine cartoon
More of this is coming unless you act now!

So, I don't know about you, but I'm not prepared to hide behind the couch like a snivelling coward or behave like a bleating sheep: I'm putting my reputation and family's livelihood on the line over this by speaking out to call for an immediate halt.

Stab Vest
Is this you?

Like I said: I've had a good life. So, I keep asking myself what I will do to ensure our children and their children have something similar. I'm standing up to protect our people. How about you?


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Paul Scott
Paul Scott
16 Ιαν 2023

Gary and others > A weariness has enveloped the resistance movement. Such weariness there is that sometimes I leave unread articles from luminaries Malone,Desmet. Rockwell, , even the great Robert F Kennedy.

When the reality of Genocide1 became blindingly obvious we thought that the social zeitgeist would change. It didn't. It is astonishing that people utterly refuse to find out what happened and is happening.

As Mattias Desmet said, they could lose an entire family straight after a Gates Fauci assault jab and and the pyschosis will still hold firm.

It is going to get worse. We have now signed up to accept the direction of the instrument of death > WHO , which will be pushing Genocide 2 …

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
16 Ιαν 2023
Απάντηση σε

Paul, I have to agree that pandemic fatigue has set in. However, I think the dam is cracking and it could burst at any time. We just have to keep chipping away. People are waking up and while most are silent, they will never go back to sleep. Our actions include supporting groups like these good Drs who have put their careers on the line for us:

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
15 Ιαν 2023
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Robynne F Ebbett
Robynne F Ebbett
15 Ιαν 2023

Totally agree with you Gary. Travelling recently for 3 weeks in the south of UK, realising the situation is identical over there with sadly many not at all aware of the overall picture... Even though their Ambulance system is totally overrun.

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