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mRNA Vaccines: They are coming for us all!

Updated: Apr 5

I received this email from a fellow Kiwi. I will not comment other than to add that New Zealand is feverishly building its mRNA research and manufacturing capability, spending many millions of dollars on doing so. And guess who is going to be on the receiving end of these millions of doses of gene-altering drugs?

They are messing with your Godscript (DNA). The COVID debacle was only the prelude - the practice run to soften us up, and now, they are coming for us all, and there will be no exceptions! The WHO will ensure we have no choice but to take their toxic medicines. Did you vote for or, in any other way, agree to allow this kind of mass medication?

Where is the public discussion about this? By the way, the silence of our religious leaders is deafening! Are they complicit, compromised, scared or merely asleep at their moral steering wheels?



Hi Gary,

I'm writing to you in case you haven't seen the recent 'secret' proposed amendments to the WHO's International Health Regulations (IHR). They released the proposed amendments just before Christmas. They deleted from the present regulations RESPECT for your DIGNITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, and FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS. How can we trust those who’d even suggest striking out our safeguards against abuse?

Not only are they proposing to remove our human rights, but they are also increasing their power dramatically. They want to change from an advisory organization to one where what they say is what you do and they want to make that legally binding. It seems quite urgent as a lot is happening in the first half of January. I am spreading the word as much as I can.

Apparently, as they are amendments, they only need a simple majority of the 194 member nations to agree.

James Roguski has done a lot of work on the subject. I have had these very good well-planned articles from him land in my email box. In case you haven't seen them, here they are:

Video and transcript. It's well worth listening to.

James is asking for help to spread the word.

As Christine Anderson MEP said, "If you give executive powers to the WHO, you bury democracy. There’s nothing you can do if they screw up."

Severe censorship is part of the proposal.

Mandatory health certificates are also included.

The WHO will own us. We’ll be tracked & traced 24/7. As the WHO is vaccine crazy, vaccinations will increase. What the WHO admits in this video is an eye-opener


Wealth transfer from NZ to the globalists will snowball.

The IHR focus on the production/supply of Big Pharma products. Heaps of WHO’s funding comes from donors, such as Big Pharma & the Gates Foundation. Their best interests come first, not ours. E.g., The WHO’s Opioid guidelines promoted their use, thus increasing addiction & deaths.

Here's a recent John Campbell video that shows safety is not the WHO's priority anymore.

As you are aware, The WHO fails to acknowledge the growing evidence of Covid vaccine harm. It failed to acknowledge cheap, life-saving protocols. It ignored doctors who treated with success 1000s of Covid patients. It praised China’s cruel policies… A caring WHO would support front-line successes and encourage ways to improve natural immunity etc.

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Best wishes,


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