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Natural Immunity is Superior and here's the Evidence!

Updated: Jan 5

And here is how we end this pandemic within three months!

But first, here's the evidence:

Natural Immunity is our saviour!

A friend of mine, a respected leader in his health profession, arranged his private COVID antibody testing. Here it is:

COVID Antibody Test
COVID Serology Test of a Health Professional (personal details blanked out)

Points of note about his blood test:

  1. His high antibodies for SARS-COV-2 indicate he will have a rapid and decisive immune response if this virus reinfects him, and, in addition, he will respond quickly to any variants.

  2. He contracted covid around 26th February and had a positive Rat test on 28th Feb

  3. He had two Covid serology tests, showing positive antibodies: 25th May (@ four months ) and 16th December (@ 8 + months). Done by Labtests, which your doctor can order for you on request. It usually costs $112, but for some reason, he got them for free

  4. Contrasting with natural immunity, the mRNA jab is lucky to give any immunity to variants, perhaps negatively, and any immunity to the original one is fleeting.

Three weeks ago, I had a health consultation with a client. She was unwell with a respiratory infection, possibly COVID, but I asked her to come to see me anyway. She tried to keep her distance, but I insisted on hugging her and did so more than once. I was ill several days later but only for three days. I rested for one. On the third day, despite still being a little chesty, I rode 140 km on my bike with one of my daughters, who, you gather, is seriously fit.

Then several days ago, I dropped in at the farm of some friends while doing yet another massive bike ride. She had COVID and looked under the weather but still getting about, so I insisted on hugging her. I am still well.

Later, you'll gather why I insisted on hugging these ill people.

Despite what the compromised clowns running about in the COVID vaccine circus might say about how safe and effective their wonder drug is, the fact is that they are wrong, they are maiming and killing people, and it is time they were called out.

Just in, our Government's health experts, who show an appalling understanding of health, are ramping up the pressure on us to resume preventive measures that are ineffective while ignoring natural immunity:

"I think we should be having masks on public transport, and supermarkets and retail."

What do they have for us once they return to work after their extended summer holidays?

Politicians know the worst thing they can ever do is drop the baby while kissing it, and, in the case of the mRNA vaccine, they are figuratively dropping babies left-right-and-centre, yet nobody is reporting this. Worse still, with the assistance of their medical advisors, they are figuratively beating up pregnant women!

Please take a few minutes to watch this video by Dr James Cintolo:

And please take a few minutes to read this article, and then you will understand the background of what I am writing about:

Confidential documents reveal that within months of receiving the initial doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, some individuals are developing Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED).

Please take a few more minutes to watch the interview here to understand the mess that is being created regarding the damage to children's immune systems and the lives being lost:

So, concerning mRNA-induced immunity, and in the context of this discussion, we have several things to take special note of:

  1. The immunity gained from the jab is very specific: in other words, immunity for one variant does not protect from another and may even make the person more vulnerable.

  2. Any immunity from the jab may be as fleeting as 2-3 months, hence the need for constant boosters, and there is growing evidence of a negative immunity effect. In contrast, I had my polio vaccine 65 years ago, which is probably still good to go.

  3. The spike protein from the jab is systemic and manufactured by a person's DNA for at least eight months. In contrast, natural infection with COVID is isolated to the respiratory tract (There is no circulating spike protein). The natural infection is over and done within about ten days for a healthy person.

  4. Circulating spike protein from mRNA drives excessive systemic inflammation, gradually weakening the immune system, thus allowing benign conditions to flare into what is called "wildfire" diseases: cancers, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and more are on the rise, and progressing at terrifying rates. Not to mention all the heart attack and stroke cases filling hospital wards.

Let's talk further about Natural Immunity

Here is what Johns Hopkins University has to say:

"A mild case of an illness may not result in strong natural immunity. New studies show that natural immunity to the coronavirus weakens (wanes) over time, and does so faster than immunity provided by COVID-19 vaccination."

These once prestigious medical institutions, our governments, their advisors and Big Tech, including Google, are irrevocably compromised. What they say about COVID is usually far from the truth. Given how science has advanced, statements like the above are outright misinformation (aka lies) and should have been withdrawn many months ago.


Why has the Government not encouraged people to do antibody testing the same way they have enthusiastically promoted PCR and RATS tests?

You tell me! They have gone out of their way, with the assistance of Big Tech, to discredit this kind of test: Have a look at the Google answers to my search question: "are covid antibody tests accurate?"

So, why do I hug infected people?

I caught COVID in March 2022 and shook it off after a few days, thus leaving me with robust natural immunity. My immune system is like a muscle which thrives on regular workouts. So long as the workouts are at the right level of effort for my given fitness level and spaced not too close and far, I will respond to each session of imposed stress by growing a little stronger each time I stress those muscles. The same idea applies to our immune systems, especially regarding being resistant to respiratory viruses, including the COVID family.

Suppose we behave like paranoid germophobes, which our health authorities are trying to make us into, living in constant fear (this damages the immune system), avoiding contact with infected people, wearing masks, and constantly sanitising our hands. This is akin to bedrest for our immune system: it grows weak and vulnerable. It may get to the point of being as good as inoperable.

Just think of what happened to the Polynesian people when the European explorers first set foot on their islands: Diseases like influenza and measles wiped out entire island populations. This happened not because they were unhealthy people back then but because they had no previous immune exposure to these and other introduced diseases.

Hugs are workouts for my immune system!

I work out my immune system, thus strengthening it against respiratory viruses when I expose myself to an infected person by hugging them. Hopefully, each time, I get exposed to another variant, thus increasing my immune versatility, better called "immune fitness". Yes, I might feel unwell for a day or two, but that is good: I am strengthening my immune system, and if a nasty killer version of the virus ever arises or escapes from a gain of function lab, I am better prepared.

So, how do we end this pandemic?

Gaining population herd immunity via natural immunity is what I proposed almost three years ago, and this advice still stands the test of time and is backed by science.