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Did they Die of Natural Causes and On Time, or Are We Witnessing Democide?

Updated: Mar 13


In recent weeks, there's been international concern about reports of alarmingly high death rates reported at certain vaccination centres in New Zealand. Whistleblower, Barry Young, has come forward with shocking allegations revealing this disturbing trend. The New Zealand government’s data, which he released into the public domain, raises serious questions about whether these deaths can be attributed to natural causes or if they are, in fact, part of a sinister plot known as democide.

Are we witnessing a slow-motion genocide, by our government and health professionals, either intentionally, or by their denial of the harm they are causing, and by their refusal to take responsibility for their foolish, irresponsible, and probably criminal actions?

I mean “foolish and irresponsible, and probably criminal” by the way they exercised various mandates, including forcing an untested drug on 95 percent of the population, doing so in a cavaliere manner, while making unfounded claims of the drug’s safety and effectiveness, allowing sloppy handling and injecting, and failing to have robust systems for the monitoring of its safety and effectiveness.

My Beloved, Departed Friend, Brian

My friend Brian Lambert sadly passed away in February 2022. In 1983, he achieved an incredible feat of strength and endurance by cycling from Auckland Post Office to the Wellington one in under twenty hours, a distance over the roads of the time of at least 700 kilometres. Brian made this journey on the old, bumpy roads, including the old winding Magaweka hill, with no modern bike technology to help him.

To make it even more impressive, he rode mostly into a harsh southerly wind. When he got to Wellington, he skidded on the wet railway tracks near the end, but his support crew managed to get him back on his bike and he finished in less than twenty hours. The year before, he did the same course in around 21 hours, if my recollection is correct.


That was on a Saturday morning that he rode into Wellington to set an endurance record that'll never be beaten. Then on Sunday, less than 24 hours later, he turned up at the grass track meeting in Masterton, his home town, and he entered the ten-kilometre handicap race, which I had also entered. Despite his bloodshot eyes and having ridden over 700 kilometres the day before, he was positioned to be last to start, giving riders like me up to a couple of laps headstart. To everyone's disbelief, Brian mowed down the entire field to win the race outright - what an athlete!

man on bike

Unfortunately, it could be said that the gift of a hard life in the fast lane was a dose of Parkinson's for Brian, who was only a year older than me.

Here's a photo of me last February in the carpark with Brian seeing Alofa and me off after visiting him in the Masterton retirement village where he was living. I joked with him that when he finally dies they'd have to cut out his heart and beat it to death! He thought that was very funny.

Less than two weeks later, Brian was dead. While it can never be proven, and regardless of pre-existing conditions, it was about then that the next round of COVID boosters were being rolled out for old people like me and Brian.

How many people, especially elderly people, have had their lives cut short because of this vaccine? It's a question which I and many other people want an answer to, yet our government representatives are very reluctant to respond.

man with walking frame

New Zealand whistleblower reveals damning evidence.

In a shocking revelation, New Zealand whistleblower Barry Young, a former government employee, has come forward with damning evidence that's sent shockwaves around the world, but his revelations were quickly shut down as our Ministry of Health took legal actions, including the arrest of Young and an injunction forbidding the sharing of the data which he released into the public domain.


The data Young released allegedly exposes alarmingly high death rates at certain vaccination centres, indicating a staggering 20-30 percent mortality rate following vaccination at some centres. This disturbing trend raises serious concerns about the safety of these medical procedures and demands immediate investigation.

When I looked at the data myself, it appeared most of these excess deaths occurred among older people like me, with my estimate that over 70 percent of the victims were female. While the exact causes of these deaths, if they are unusual and excessive, are yet to be determined, the sheer number of fatalities can't be dismissed as merely coincidental with their being jabbed with an experimental drug.

First, Do No Harm!

The principle of "First, do no Harm" in medicine dictates that any medical procedure must prioritise the patient's well-being and should never hasten their demise.

Because, on average, many of those who died were elderly, this has been used as an excuse for why some jab centres had unusually high post-jab deaths. Sure, some cohorts of elderly had, on average, only two to three years to live, but if this medical procedure shortened their lives by an hour, a day, a week, a month, or God forbid, a year or two, then that's totally unacceptable. It's a democide which I'll explain in the next section of this article.

Take Note:

The Barry Young whistleblower case is currently under legal scrutiny, and it's crucial to refrain from speculating on specific details. However, the general implications of these allegations can't be overlooked. If the data presented by Young proves accurate, it'd be a grave violation of human rights, a crime against humanity that can't under any circumstances be justified or excused.

Democide: a Global Phenomenon

Democide, a sub-section of genocide, is the intentional killing of many people by a government or other organisation. Democide is a global phenomenon that's claimed the lives of millions. It's estimated that democide has killed over 260 million people in the 20th century alone. Some of the most notorious examples of democide include the Holocaust, the Great Leap Forward in China, and the Cambodian Genocide.


Democide is often carried out by authoritarian regimes to maintain power or to achieve political goals, or to grab land, and other resources such as oil fields or minerals. It's always a serious crime against humanity that must never be tolerated.

Regarding alleged democide by mass-injecting, New Zealand, along with a few countries such as Israel, and Australia, lead the world, and the consequence of this mass, indiscriminate injecting of an untested drugs shows in the data of global excess deaths with these countries at or near the top.

The Psychology of Mass Murder


Here’s how I understand it: Mass murderers are often driven by a variety of factors, including mental illness, personal grievances, revenge, control, greed, and political or ideological beliefs. Mass murderers often target vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, women, and children, and the mentally and physically handicapped. They may also target specific groups of people based on their race, religion, or ethnicity.

In this case, by the killers resorting to psychological tactics to whip up mass hysteria about the fear of dying from contracting an invisible pathogen, or to risk being accused of being a “granny-killer” by not participating in the mass psychosis, most people willingly handed over, not just themselves for injection of an experimental drug, but also their children and grandparents.

With the revelations of mass harm now being revealed, the gravity and extent of this manipulation is too much to allow its comprehension, hence the ongoing mass denial and lack of acknowledgement and investigation by the perpetrators of these crimes, be they intentional or by mistake.

For many people, they feel better to believe the cosy lies than be confronted by the harsh truth.


The Promised Extended COVID Inquiry is Under Threat!

During the election campaign two months ago, New Zealand First promised there'd be an extended Inquiry into the COVID Response and its aftermath, and now they have it written into the Coalition Agreement. While this is a fabulous achievement – it's a bridgehead in what is turning out to be a protracted and dirty war, so we mustn't be complacent.

Sadly, this inquiry, while extremely welcome, it won't bring about an overnight cessation to hostilities because we have government officials, doctors, and academics who have too much to lose, including the possibility of jailtime, by allowing the ending of their crimes, and investigation by independent authorities as promised in the Coalition Agreement.


Instead, they are doubling down harder than ever with their lies and they’re continuing to push mRNA as safe and effective while concealing harm. They’re doing this right now with a pre-Christmas and New Year vaccination campaign while doing nothing at all to improve population health. Our best defence is encouraging regular exercise outdoors, fresh air, sunshine, and consuming nutritious wholefoods.


So, while there is the promised extended COVID inquiry, let’s not be complacent: We're up against an array of formidable, well-positioned, and extremely well-resourced foes, all collaborating to make sure they remain in power. Recall, as demonstrated during "Freedom Village" occupation of the grounds of parliament, they have the power of the state, including the police, and we don’t. None of the previous MPs, many still in parliament, can’t be entirely trusted, so we must take care and be vigilant to make sure this promised extended inquiry isn't undermined, or turned into a joke of a whitewash, which is what we are seeing elsewhere in other countries.

We have a beachhead, but that’s all it is. So, what can we do?

A Call to Action!


There are four things you can do right now:

1.     The extended inquiry will have provisions for you to present your evidence, be this online or in person – we have yet to know. So, please prepare your evidence for whatever COVID-related topic or experience you have about the last three years – including your questions and observations – to share with the commissioners and fellow New Zealanders. Start preparing now while there is time and while things are still fresh for recall accuracy.

2.     We have a beachhead and that's NZ First – it’s a fabulous victory, but it's tenuous. We can't fully trust most of the other MPs because an independent inquiry may be extremely uncomfortable for many of them. We must secure our position, then make further inroads. Taking our country back is by political means. True political power is wielded at the party level, then at the ballot box. There's no other practical way to take our country back other than having a political party that represents the best interests of Kiwis and not kleptoglobalist interests. So, please support NZ First – Join it to give it strength, and we have three years to get this done. At the next election, we must have NZ First positioned so that it is the party of choice for all New Zealanders who value freedom and democracy. My plea to you is to join the party now and get involved in its workings, no matter how modest your contribution might be.

3.     Please be patient. Don't bombard the Coalition’s MPs with unrealistic demands because we don’t want them to turn off and start ignoring us. Give them time to get their feet under their desks and to get a handle on the mess they've inherited. Instead, offer them encouragement and even make offers of support via positive messaging. The tasks they face are daunting, to say the least!

4.     A new year beckons, and instead of succumbing to the lies that pharmaceutical medicine is going to save us from future natural or lab-generated bioweapons, we must act to save ourselves. In addition to taking back control of our country via political activism, it's time for all of us to invest in our health. So, don't wait for New Year's Resolutions, to eat healthy, to exercise daily, and be invigorated by immersing yourself in Mother Nature – start now and make sure you encourage your entire family regardless of their health and health status! Come next winter, the investment will pay massive dividends, and not just for you, but for all of us!

Our family has Christmas Dinner. I still haven't eaten anything today and we'll kick off our celebrations with a family run through some bush trails, followed by a Christmas feast.

My family and I extend to you our warmest wishes for health, happiness, and success!

I'm off for a run!

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Paul Brunton
Paul Brunton
Dec 25, 2023

Good on you Gary.

Just a couple of points:

  1. Like they did for chiropractic in 1979, a Royal Commission is what is really needed. This is outside government and reports to the Governor General.

  2. Am unsure how much Peters has read, If it has been comprehensive (and that is possible with his bribing of the integrity of the media comment), then he may see it as his swansong and a step-up from the winebox fiasco. But he is up against it.

  3. Kennedy is polling well in the US as an independent. He spells a danger to the upper echelons of power. He'll need to watch his back.

Happy New Year

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Dec 26, 2023
Replying to

And, may we wish you a happy New Year as well, Paul! As a matter of interest, I was working in the ACC Head office at the time of the Roay Commiion into ACC. I must write about my experiences about this since it was most revealing. The Medical and Physios totally screwed up, whereas the chiropractors did a highly professional job and reaped the benefits of their efforts.

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