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Natural Immunity is Effective and Superior: Here's the Evidence!

Thank you again, Dr Campbell!

As an aside; for evidence of active, unforgivable medical censorship, take a look at what has happened to the videos by Dr Campbell in this article:

The next one is coming, so prepare your immune system now!

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When someone says, "I have COVID, so keep your distance", I ask them if I can hug them or two. I do this because I want to exercise my immune system, much like I exercise my muscles. My immune system strengthens by learning to resist this and other bugs from the same family.

Your immune system, like all systems within your body, grows stronger with regular use, or weakens with disuse.

I had my first COVID infection two years ago, which left me feeling ill for three days, thus gifting me natural immunity once I recovered. However, knowing new variants of COVID are coming along all the time, I resolved to expose myself to these at every opportunity while doing things nutritionally and lifestyle-wise to support my immune health. This is much like how athletes support their workouts with excellent nutrition and rest periods.

So, on one occasion, after hugging an infected person earlier this year, I was ill for about two days. On all other occasions, despite enthusiastic hugging, there were no signs or symptoms of an infection. The assumption, therefore, is that my strategy to ensure my immune system is updated and strong is working well.

By regular exposure to the "lesser" variants of COVID, your immune system is updated and given a workout, thus better prepared to help you survive the nasty, killer version, should one ever arise.

As an aside, my partner, Alofa, has always been bulletproof compared to me regarding viral infections. I get ill while she doesn't. As another aside, the people who appear to be constantly ill from just about everything and filling up our hospitals are vaccinated. The more jabs, the more illness.

So, there are lessons here for preparing for the following viral variant:

  1. Do not take an experimental vaccine that does not prevent infection or transmission and which damages people's immune systems.

  2. Eat food prepared from fresh, raw ingredients and take a few immune-supporting supplements.

  3. Get outdoors every day, exercise, and immerse yourself in Mother Nature.

  4. Do the opposite of being a "germophobe". Train your immune system by exposing yourself to colds and touches of flu when you are rested and in good health.

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