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It is time to end all COVID Vaccines

Updated: Apr 5

Star Trek joke

Just out; a Youtube sensation with millions of followers, Dr John Campbell, has called for an immediate halt to these vaccines in the UK. Halleluja - the floodgates are opening!

But you won't hear about this on Youtube where, if he were to make a call like this on Youtube, like so many experts before him, he would be instantly censored and probably banned from the platform. So, Dr Campbell has released his call on Rumble, a free speech video platform.

It is only a few minutes long.

Please share the video - get it out there!

Let's bypass the Big Tech censorship and spread the love. Please help Dr Campbell, who treasures and champions free speech, including scientific debate, by sharing this video with everyone you know.

We must get the word out because people are needlessly dying, thousands are injured, and many are maimed for life: There are so many. We all should know at least one victim these days. It is time to halt this insanity and, instead, begin investing in public health.

A single-solution drug will never save us, especially one that does not work and which actually harms us!

Come on, doctors and scientists, no longer sit on your hands and be silent. Stand up like Dr John, defend medical science, and be true to your oath to first do no harm. Tell politicians, technocrats, bureaucrats, academics and Big Pharma to get out of the medical consulting rooms and let the real doctors freely do their job. Quit the interference and intimidation - now!

If you work within a medical clinic, it is time to convene a meeting to review the clinic's COVID vaccine policies to ensure they are in line with the latest science and not last year's. I predict those who ignore the science, worse still, hide or manipulate the evidence and fail to act in a timely and responsible way, from this time, will eventually face prosecution.

Act now!

So, before you leave this page, please copy its link and share it with at least half a dozen other people. Thank you!

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