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Vitamin D, Dark Skin, COVID and Influenza

How our Government and various Health Officials and Professionals have let our darker-skinned populations down: badly!

For the last 40 years, I have lived within our Maori and Pasifika communities. When my children, a mix of Pakeha, Cook Islands Maori, Samoan and Tongan descent were born, I became a vocal opponent of the "Slip-Slop - Cover-Up" campaign which I called racist.

Many more of my articles about sunlight and health are here:

While it now makes some concessions for dark-skinned people, Slip-Slop is still a racist programme because it sets out to protect the fair-skinned while the token gestures to our dark-skinned citizens are insufficient and they get lost in the noise of the bigger message which is to fear sunlight. This racially biased messaging comes at a great cost to the health of New Zealand's dark-skinned people.

Fact: Dark-skinned people have almost zero risk of contracting and dying from sun-related skin cancer - at least 1/50th that of fair-skinned people.

I am fair-skinned whereas my partner Alofa and our children have dark skin. While their needs vary, they need at least ten times as much sunlight as me to manufacture "healthy" amounts of vitamin D.

My Niece, Jasmine and son, Mathieson(now 22 yrs). One needs to cover up, while the other thrives on the all-day sun.

Official sunlight guidelines are therefore biased towards the fair-skinned majority which is quite simply wrong and discriminatory of the worst kind because it costs people their lives.

"Would you like a burger and fries voucher with your jab?"

Now, with COVID and influenza, the lies and misinformation about vitamin D not only continue but have been ramped up several more levels. It begs the question as to why nobody is allowed to discuss or promote basic and highly effective health measures such as combating obesity, cutting down on sugar, boosting vitamin D, zinc, selenium and more, including reducing poverty. Moreover, the people who stand to benefit the most from such measures are our Maori and Pasifika people. And now our Minister of Health is about to introduce the Natural Health Products Bill which they will undoubtedly railroad through this time (They have tried and failed on two previous occasions due to professional and public opposition). This Bill threatens the availability and potency of natural products including vitamin D, and also threatened the existence of natural health practitioners. Why are they so intent on reducing people's health choices and freedoms?

We have to wonder what this Government agreed to when it signed up with Big Pharma companies to supply the jabs?

No matter which way we look at it, there is something very dodgy about this whole pandemic programme, including the suppression of any effective health messaging other than wearing a mask, keeping away from other people and getting the jab!

Vitamin D, Dosages

  • While recommended daily doses of vitamin D vary among experts, the general consensus is this:

  • 4,000IU per day for an adult.

  • Titrate downwards for children according to body size, so a 30 Kg child may have 2,000IU per day.

  • On days when your torso is exposed to sunlight, there is no need to supplement.

  • Supplement during Winter.

  • It is better to supplement daily than a big dose once a week or once a month.

Purchase Quality Vitamin D

You may add a couple of these daily to fortify the vitamin D supplementation:


The Evidence for Vitamin D: Follow the Science!

The article that follows By Kiwi Blogger: 8wire, VITAMIN D & DARK SKIN IN WINTER

Lifesaving Covid Cure Suppressed is reproduced with permission. This is an excellent overview of the scandalous suppression of health information in New Zealand and is backed up by good research that cannot, in good faith, be ignored.

Enjoy the read and please support independent media such as 8wire:



Lifesaving Covid Cure Suppressed

Your body makes vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunshine.

Vitamin D is so important to humans that as they migrated to colder climates, they changed their skin tone from dark to light to absorb more of it from the sun.

The vitamin plays a vital role in immunity and is crucial for the development of killer T cells:

In order for T cells to become active members of the body’s immune system, they must transition from so-called “naive” T cells into either killer cells or helper cells (which are charged with “remembering” specific invaders). And, if ample vitamin D is not around, the T cells do not make that crucial transition, “When a T cell is exposed to a foreign pathogen, it extends a signaling device of ‘antenna’ known as a vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for vitamin D,” If there is an inadequate vitamin D level, he noted, “they won’t even begin to mobilize.” Scientific American

T cells help kill viruses including Covid 19. They can work where vaccines fail:

T-cells can fight Omicron when antibodies fail to. Human bodies have a second line of defence against Covid that offers hope in the global fight against the Omicron variant., Australian researchers say. Omicron has a higher number of mutations than other variants, which means it can sometimes slip past the antibodies produced by vaccination or infection. But if it does enter the body, the T-cells – white blood cells that originate in the marrow – will attack. University of Melbourne

They even offer good protection from reinfection caused by new variants:

This study suggests that cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2-specific T-cell responses could be particularly important in the protection against severe disease caused by variants of concern whereas neutralising antibody responses seem to reduce over time. The Lancet

People with darker skin struggle to produce sufficient Vitamin D if they are in low sun environments.

A study showed that 20 percent of Pākehā participants, 39 percent of Māori, 47 percent of Pacific and 72 percent of South Asian participants were Vitamin D deficient.

There is a strong correlation between these numbers and the people who have been most severely impacted by Covid 19 (elderly people also struggle to produce Vitamin D).

On 2nd June 2020 New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was advised to supplement this at-risk population by her Chief Science Advisor:

the groups identified as at-risk of deficiency are still considered at-risk: • People with naturally dark skin • People whose skin is not regularly exposed to sunlight • People who live in the South Island (especially south of Nelson-Marlborough) and get little time outdoors in the middle of the day between May and August •Testing for vitamin D status is more expensive than supplementing in NZ, so current policy is to supplement individuals at-risk of vitamin D deficiency at the discretion of GPs. This policy is probably also appropriate for managing individuals at-risk of severe COVID-19 disease in NZ until more information is gathered from clinical trials. Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor

Jacinda Ardern choose not to follow this advice.

But she didn’t stop there. The Government (& to an extent, the media) actively suppressed any positive messaging around Vitamin D.

They even blocked all response messages containing ‘Vitamin D’ on the Government UniteAgainstCOVID19 Facebook page.

Stuff News went so far as to publish an article titled ‘Battling Covid with Vitamin D, mouthwash, and a dose of stupidity’.

High profile people who are paid to look after the interests of New Zealanders – ignored all evidence that Vitamin D could be beneficial. They never questioned the government narrative. The focus was to push the vaccine and nothing else.

There is evidence Vitamin D can also reduce the risk of myocarditis. So could have been beneficial in reducing vaccine deaths.

Unfortunately a dangerous negative attitude towards anything other than vaccines has prevailed.

Vitamin D takes a month or so to build up in the system. So giving it after the fact is too late.

Now New Zealand has entered into Winter.

The Government knew in January that Winter would be a time of less Vitamin D from sunlight and that high flu cases would burden hospital capacity.

They had statistics from Denmark showing precisely what an Omicron Winter looks like in a similar population size.