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NZ Cyclocross National Championships Results and Wrap-up

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Cycling in the mud

I was surprised when I learned just days before the championships that I was now in the 70+ age group, not the 60+. Moving up an age group reminds me I'm closer to the end, and I do not like that!

Gary Moller lining up for cyclocross race

Gary cyclocross
On my way to winning the CX Champs for the 9th time.

The Cyclocross National Championships (Sunday, 14th August, in Christchurch) were a hoot - a lot of fun if you call riding to exhaustion around a muddy paddock a fun way to spend your Sunday.

Gary Moller cyclocross
Working my way to the front of the field

I was looking forward to this one because it was my last outing in the 60-70 age group and nine years unbeaten, but I made a mistake and found I was now in the 70+ category. Feeling a little disappointed, I set myself two new goals:

  1. To finish a lap ahead of the other 70-year-olds and

  2. To catch and pass all of the 60-year-olds.

It took a reasonable effort, but I achieved both.

Gary Moller The new 70+ NZ CX champion
The new 70+ NZ CX champion

My daughter, Mary-Ann, contested the elite women's event, and that was exciting to watch as she got herself into 2nd place and managed to hold on to finish in 4th place.

Mary-Ann Moller on her way to 3rd in the Female Elite race
Mary-Ann Moller on her way to 3rd in the Female Elite race

Mary-Ann Moller cyclocross

I've found that the key to enduring athletic performance - and health - comes down to these few things as we get older:

  • Being very consistent with training - doing something relevant and active every day and never letting one's physical condition slip, especially as we age.

  • I am obsessive with nutrition - regularly testing my nutritional status and responding accordingly.

  • Have clear and present goals to motivate, especially events not too far off - Fill your lives with challenges that encourage you to get out and train no matter what!

  • Always have a backup activity or two so that injuries are never a disabling issue.

  • I have a no-jabs policy. My body is my temple, and nobody will inject poison into it unless I know I must have it to be healthy and only done with my consent.

Gary Moller cyclocross

I'm doing these strenuous and somewhat hazardous activities for the following reasons:

Because I can!

Gary Moller cyclocross race

  • I enjoy the challenge, excitement, and achieving of goals, and long may this go on!

  • I want to demonstrate in the most convincing ways that enduring health and fitness do not come from a drug or surgical procedure but from investment in health - a big difference! And:

  • I want to show that disease, drugs, fatigue, cognitive decline and the like are not synonymous with getting old. While they may appear to be one and the same, this is not predetermined.

  • Big pharma, big medicine, big food and other parties that do not give a damn about you and your health hijacked healthcare: All they care about is emptying your pockets before you die, and that's all. I practice effective healthcare, and what better way to demonstrate this than winning on the race tracks?

Gary Moller with Alofa Kosena
Thank you, Alofa, for being so patient and understanding of me!

I'd like to thank Alofa, Mary-Ann and her family, and my friends and training buddies, Roy Williams and Simon Gilbert. Special thanks to Simon for assisting with maintaining my bikes. I decided to send my bike business to people within the bike industry who have resisted the mandates or were fired for not taking the jab. Simon is one of those people. And thanks to Huttcross and the other CX clubs of NZ for putting on these exciting and challenging races.

Mary-Ann being encouraged on by HuttCross supporters
Mary-Ann being encouraged on by HuttCross supporters

So, what is next? I'd love to contest the cyclocross world championships in England this December. I have a good chance of winning my age group, but it depends on COVID restrictions, and the cost of getting there and back is too much to justify. And, I'd like to win the master's mountain bike world champs for the 3rd time. I'm confident of winning that on the day, but New Zealand is further away from the action these days! I might have to stick with things that are closer to home.

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