• Gary Moller

A Great Family Day at the NZ Cyclocross Nationals

Updated: Aug 20

Alofa and I have always encouraged our children to embrace physical and mental hardship by participating in all kinds of athletic competitions and exploring the Great Outdoors. We have also championed taking on academic challenges. These challenges came with membership of the Moller Family!

Taking my son the long way to his language nest
Taking my son the adventurous route to his language nest

The theme has always been about becoming a better and more resilient person. Comfort is excellent, but too much breeds weakness. Being excessively "safe" and wrapping people, especially our children, in cottonwool, does no good for anyone. Doing so produces soft, vulnerable cowards and not resilient heroes. Despite societal pressures to play safe, I think Alofa and I have done well. Our four children, all adults now, are resilient and athletic, show no fear, they are adventurous, and life is good for them.

Alofa and Mathieson on the Whanganui River
Alofa and Mathieson on the Whanganui River

The New Zealand Cyclocross (CX) Championships were held outside Upper Hutt last weekend. Nine extended family members participated, some in the kiddies races, some in the "fun" all-comers, and others in the elite races. Alofa even joined in and got down and dirty. I'm so proud of them all, of their willingness to put themselves "on the line".

A typical scene from a cyclocross race
A typical scene from a cyclocross race

If you don't know what CX is, it is a cross-country race carrying a bike now and then. It is hard, wet, cold and muddy stuff. Although I'm equally proud of the rest of my family's efforts on the day, the efforts of my daughters, Myra and Mary-Ann deserve special mention. Both Myra and Mary-Ann are time-limited mothers of young children, so competing at the elite level of a sport like cycling is all the more remarkable, let alone making the podium. They are fabulous role models for all.

Mary-Ann on her way to 3rd in the Women's Elite Race
Mary-Ann on her way to 3rd in the Women's Elite Race. Photo: Don Johnson