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Here's some Cyclocross Fun

Updated: Mar 9

Both of our daughters, Myra and Mary-Ann, competed in last weekend's Huttcross cyclocross races last weekend. With record numbers competing and no shortage of mud, the spectators were highly entertained. Here are a few pictures by photographer Lisa Ng of Mary-Ann contributing to the day's entertainment. What is most remarkable about these photos is she kept smiling all the way through. She should be either a Super Model or a politician.

I'm so proud of my children for giving things like these a go, doing their best, taking the setbacks with a smile and doing so well.

Cyclocross (CX) is the safest of the cycling disciplines. There are wipe-outs, but the injuries are few, and any are minor, apart from the severe bruising that may happen to one's Ego.

CX is great for anyone who can ride a bike of any description, even an old Raleigh 20. There is a race for all abilities, even preschoolers. Participants quickly learn essential skills for safety, such as efficient braking, maintaining balance and traction. These are skills that are life-savers when on the road and elsewhere. If your child is learning to ride a bike, get them into CX before taking them on the road.

Each of the races is done and dusted within an hour or less. This is one feature that really appeals to so many families: you turn up, do the race, then off you go with the rest of the day to spend doing other things. If you have the time, it would be nice to stay after the last race and help the small band of volunteers pack up.

CX has a few downsides, such as transporting dirty bodies in clean cars afterwards and muddy bikes to clean. Apart from those, it is a "clean" sport that young and old can join for a Sunday of exercise and entertainment.

For more information about CX in the Wellington Region:

We will see you at the next event, which is at Moonshine. Come along and give it a go!

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