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Nattokinase: Does it protect from the mRNA Spike Protein?


This so-called mRNA vaccine aims to alter a person's DNA to manufacture a spike protein that might best be described as similar to snake venom. In theory, the spikes irritate the immune system, thus producing antibodies, thus giving immunity to the COVID-19 virus. We knew virtually nothing about the safety and effectiveness of this mRNA drug before it was injected into billions of people. We are learning as we go, and we have learned a lot. We now know that:

  1. The mRNA toxin does not remain at the injection site but migrates throughout the body and tends to concentrate within the more biologically active organs of the body, including the heart and reproductive organs.

  2. The mRNA instructs each cell it infects to produce spike protein.

  3. The production of spike protein continues for at least eight months after the injection and, presumably, for longer.

  4. Spike protein is highly inflammatory, and this inflammation drives blood clotting.

  5. Chronic inflammation weakens the immune system and may cause dormant diseases, such as cancer, to flare. This is akin to blowing pure oxygen onto smouldering embers.

In addition, if you have been following my articles on this topic, you will know the evidence is mounting that the mRNA vaccines:

  1. Do not prevent transmission.

  2. Do not prevent infection.

  3. Do not reduce the severity of the disease.

  4. On the contrary, they increase the severity of the disease.

In addition, it is obvious now that naturally-acquired immunity is vastly superior for protection against reinfection, and, in addition, it promotes resistance to variants of the virus.


The millions of people who, in good faith, took the jab were misled to the extent of being blatantly lied to. They are abandoned by the perpetrators, who continue to double down and lie to the public. Instead of withdrawing this poison, they are embarking on another round of boosters while investing millions of taxpayer dollars in developing more mRNA drugs for plant, animal and human uses.


The future looks bleak unless we act now to mitigate the harm.

Although it is late summer when we should all be at our healthiest, emergency services, hospitals and medical centres are overwhelmed by ill people, not only due to the direct effects of this poison (heart attack and stroke) but also immune-deficiency-related illnesses ranging from persistent colds and flu, repeated COVID infections, to severe autoimmune conditions, including wildfire cancers.

Potentially, millions of innocent Kiwis are suffering immune harm, and we do not know for how long this harm is happening or what the long-term consequences might be, including intergenerational. As I said, they are abandoned, left to their own devices to devise remedies. While this is not good enough - outrageous, we must mitigate the harm as best we can, making good use of remedies as they emerge.

Remedies are emerging

I'm comfortable recommending remedies if the downside of causing more harm is minimal while the upside is compelling. Nattokinase and other proteolytic (systemic) enzymes are a therapy that I am comfortable with. I have been using proteolytic enzymes as therapy for many health issues for the best part of twenty years. When used correctly, there are no downsides but many upsides for health. Spend some time reading articles from this Google Search about the health benefits of these enzymes.

Nattokinase and several similar enzymes of natural origins are beneficial in preventing and possibly reversing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. These enzymes appear to have mitigating effects on the inflammatory, harmful impact of the mRNA spike protein:

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  5. Nattokinase: production and application

I've been assisting a young woman, a mother who has used a wheelchair for the best part of two years due to damage to her heart following the mRNA vaccination. Presumably, the spike protein has damaged her heart, which has recently been confirmed by a scan paid for by her parents.

Since late last year, she has been able to stand and walk, which has been a miracle. So, we have been trying to figure out what might have brough