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It was a lab leak!

Updated: Apr 5

(Updated 18th March 2023)

A friend wrote:

"It's getting really interesting now, Gary. The truth is coming out. But this is just the beginning. This is a long-awaited video, and the lid s about to get blown off!

This part of the story needs to be dealt with first. Then, the vaccine truth will come after it, and it will all make sense to the world's people!

Then truth is always keen to surface, I feel!"

Watch the following video and take careful note of what is revealed and confirmed:

They (public health officials, politicians, doctors, academics, scientists, industrialists and globalists, and media, including medical journals) conspired to hide that the COVID-19 virus was made in a lab! Yes, it is all coming out - the truth that there is a global conspiracy. I can't wait for the prosecutions, the fines and the jailings, especially here in New Zealand.

However, it will not be easy because our evil opponent is a global conspiracy. Take a few minutes to watch this video by Dr Campbell to get an idea of the forces, including the cowardly MPs, lined up against free speech and democratic representation and the health and safety of everyone, including our children:

Do not rely on your doctor to save you because the ones who continue to practice medicine while encouraging mRNA jabs are as corrupt as the rest of the conspirators. Dr Campbell's video implies this as well.

And watch this one:

The mRNA technology has been around for many years. Still, it could never get past the safety processes, including animal studies, because the animals persisted in getting sick and dying! One of the most vocal opponents of the mRNA vaccine is Dr Robert Malone, who first developed the technology for such vaccines and has many concerns about the safety and effectiveness of these drugs, better-called poisons. However, the lab-made pandemic and fanning the fires of hysteria allowed the leap-frogging of the drug over safety controls, thus letting the evil mRNA genie out of the bottle.

The pandemic, with its lockdowns, fear, and fanning division while destroying lives, small and medium businesses in New Zealand, was just the prelude for what was to come: They were testing the waters for how far they could push us and, to their surprise, we were mostly compliant. So, what is next?

The Government has granted Auckland University $40+ million for mRNA vaccine development, while a research facility was opened in Lower Hutt. In addition, there is an mRNA factory in Timaru, all set to begin spewing millions of mRNA drugs. These drugs are intended for animal and plant use and not just for humans.

Despite widespread concerns, the Government is rushing into law the Therapeutic Products Bill. Some, including myself, suspect it is the Trojan Horse for allowing fast-track consent by the Regulator, a public servant, for new biotechnologies, including mRNA and other gene therapies. They must have this legislation in place to begin fast-tracking approval of these poisons by 2024.

Yes, the Genie (gene!) is out of the bottle! Yet, they ignore the safety signals and forge ahead with developing mRNA drugs for everything. So, how will they get people to allow them to inject these poisons into not just people but also their precious animals? And will you be comfortable eating food that is altered with mRNA? Not me!

More fear and coercion are planned, plus the progressive loss of liberties and no doubt more pandemics. You can bet on it because they are not about to close down these mRNA factories and tell all the staff to go home, are they?

Millions of people have needlessly died; for each death, thousands more have been maimed and condemned to shortened and miserable lives. The hospital system is close to collapse, with ambulances waiting up to an hour or longer to offload their critically ill patients, and we are still in late Summer! What does Winter have in store for us? As I work, I hear ambulances wailing as they rush to Wellington Hospital. We can only speculate about the long-term harm to humanity by these evil people playing God with our genes.

Please help reveal the truth and begin the restoration of democracy, freedom and justice by sharing Dr Campbell's video far and wide. Thank you!

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1 commentaire

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
17 mars 2023

Here is one interview in July 2021 where David Martin proves categorically that the Bioweapon group of Sars Covid chimeras were manufactured by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina . First reference is the Interview with Reiner Fuellmich July 2021. This was all with funding from Ralph Baric's fellow psychopath Anthony Fauci and NIH . The computer genotypes were shared with Canada and Wuhan . Ralph Baric and Fauci had applied for and received legal patents for these biological weapons from 2011 onwards. By the time Trump announced warpspeed Baric and Fauci already had their lethal injections ready. They shared the knowledge with Canada and Wuhan, Covid 19 was made and produced in the good old…

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