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Exposed: The real Jacinda!

Updated: Apr 5


New Zealand is in the midst of a Godzilla-scale crisis of ill health, affecting everyone, including the previously healthy working population. We are experiencing a frightening surge in all causes of death. Healthy men and women are suddenly dying at work, in the streets and in sports fields. Crematoria are busy. For each extra death, there must be thousands of cases of illness, ranging from diseases of the heart and the nervous system, and we're seeing a surge in what is described as wildfire cancers. Ambulances and rescue helicopters are in historical demand. I'll write more about this soon.

The politicians and legacy media are saying nothing. The one-liner of the year is, "Nothing to see here!" Why are they saying nothing, obfuscating or downplaying the seriousness of the situation? Is it because they are responsible for unleashing this monster upon us? Winter is coming with its usual surge in illnesses, so strap yourselves in for what promises to be a bumpy ride!

I blame this appalling carnage, including preventable deaths, on the Government, including the Opposition.

Author, Alexandra Bruce, wrote:

"Former Kiwi television news presenter, Liz Gunn delivers an emotional and powerful rebuke of the most despicable tyrant in New Zealand history, speaking directly to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who stepped down just over one month ago. Hearing this spoken personally by a New Zealander, addressing her assailant in the first person, I was shocked to find myself reduced to tears. I've been so angry for so long, I haven't been able to feel this very real grief and sadness that I have for all of us who are going through this. It really caught me off guard but I think it was necessary to stop being angry for a moment and to experience the emotional aspect of what has happened – and is still happening. This disgusting Globalist attack has been awful in varying degrees for absolutely everybody, regardless of whether we are "woke"or "awake". Hopefully, we can all see our common ground as victims of our governments gone wild and we can come together to put these tyrants out of business."

Running Time: 46 mins

A plea for help

Since beginning writing about COVID-related issues, Big Tech and, presumably, the Government operating via its security agencies have been progressively squeezing Alofa and me out of business. They are doing this by quietly censoring us - "Shadow-Banning".

I've been kicked off Facebook three times, and I've been kicked off Linked-In for the last six months. My Youtube channel has videos with up to 600k views, but nowadays, I'd be lucky to get a few dozen views weekly. Some email broadcasts from this blog are directed to the recipient's spam folder. We've suffered more than a 90% drop in website traffic since the occupation of our Parliament lawn one year ago. Previous to last year, and for over a decade, we had consistent annual growth, which has now tanked. We are being censored.

This censorship aligns with Jacinda's "Christchurch Call" to censor online hate speech. The Call is a catch-all to silence anyone who questions the globalist agenda of her masters.

Please help us keep going by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Subscribe to my email updates if you haven't already, encourage others to join, and keep checking your spam folder for my emails.

  2. Forward my articles to other people.

  3. Give us a 5-star review or another if you have already done so.

  4. Purchase stuff from us, even if it is only a little now and then.

  5. Support our plans for political change to restore freedom and democracy once we announce them.

Handy Tip: Search for your health question by typing your topic plus my name. I've been a prolific writer, but nowadays if you don't include my name, search engines like Google bury me in the back pages, and you'll never find me.

Examples of searches with my name:

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1 Kommentar

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
17. März 2023

Within a year or so the emergence of the frame by frame analysis of the popgoon show at Chrischurch [ which to set the Ardern stage against the people ] should appear. I don't have it . Yuval Harari who appears above is a New World psychopath, and another enemy of the people , expecially his own peop[le, Israeli people must hate him.

Gefällt mir
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