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My kids have a terrible sore throat and runny nose virus

Updated: Mar 15

Child on bed

Hey Gary,

Quick question all my kids have a terrible sore throat and runny nose virus, it feels like they have been sick all winter.

Any general supplement I can give them to help them get over this virus and hopefully not catch the next one going around.




Good question!

Here is a great combination for the children:

  1. NATUROPATHSOWN DAILY C - 200G - 1-2 rounded teaspoons per day. You can give this either as a refreshing drink or even hide it in smoothies, yoghurt or fruit salads.

  2. - 2-4 per day, depending on the size of the child. These are tiny tasteless tablets that are easy to swallow or you can crush them and mix them into food.

It is not so much the size of the dose that is important but just being consistent, say 5-6 days of the week, throughout the year, especially leading into and during Winter.

Having disease-resistant children during Winter comes from what is done during the months before. Good food and supplements are not medicines and, by the time a child is infected, they do not treat or cure, although they are still important during infection, of course, especially for recovery. Their power comes by year-long assisting each child with being so well-nourished - robust - that each childhood infection is brushed off with symptoms that are on the minor side. For a robust child, being exposed to childhood infections is welcome since these train or exercise their immature immune systems just like we train muscles to become stronger. A well-nourished body with an exercised immune system means your child is far better prepared for the next killer bug than the child who is raised on nutrient-poor food and sheltered from every bug (impossible by the way).

Child with mask

Keep your children's diet low in sugar and grains, limit excessive snacking between and especially before the main meals. Emphasise fresh produce, including a wide variety of protein sources, roasted and salted nuts, cold-pressed olive, flax, coconut, and avocado for various fresh fats and oils. Ensure they eat brightly coloured vegetables, including the darkest berries and cold spices such as turmeric and paprika. The bright primary colours are your best indicators of the health-promoting properties of fresh produce.

Supplements such as these being recommended are not substitutes for good food. They work best when being supplementary to a nutrient-dense foundational diet.

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