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Expert says 75% of kids’ ankle, knee problems shoe-related

Updated: Mar 17

Gary and Lorraine: 1950's New Zealand

Podiatrist, Lisa Hinchcliff told Seven Sharp 75 per cent of kids’ ankle and knee problems are shoe-related. "So, if a child can wear the right shoe, it slows down all sorts of foot problems later-on”.



Groan! Here we go again; just where do they get these experts from?

If you value your child's feet, please ignore the advice in the video and article, which is misinformation intended to sell ever more expensive footwear which is over-engineered and guaranteed to weaken and damage your child's feet for life.

If your child must don footwear, make it as close to being light and flexible mocassins as possible: A healthy child needs nothing more for foot protection.

Happy Child

Get the real deal here:

and for more:

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1 Comment

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Feb 17, 2022

Every article a winner and thats no lie. Medical fraternity New Zealand >Look here > see how real health experts operate.

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