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Are Herbicides Harming our Children?

Updated: Feb 16

100% Pure New Zealand

There has been a lot of debate lately about the images promoting New Zealand to the rest of the world.


"Clean, Green New Zealand" and "100% Pure"

Yeah - Right!


Many argue that while New Zealand sure is "Green", it is far from "Clean" or "100% Pure".

This blog brings you the report by D N Dempsey of his experiences, over many years, with the use of hormone herbicides on his Central North Island farm.

In his report, Don describes the devastation to his health and the death of livestock that can only be the result of repeated exposure to hormone sprays that accumulated in pasture soil. Page ten of his report has the blood tests of thyroid function of affected and unaffected cattle that finally solved the mystery of why his cattle were so unwell and why so many were dying.

It is interesting to note that he has a grandchild with motor and learning difficulties. His family lives on the farm. Is there a connection? Possibly, as you will realise when you read the second PDF in this blog.

Sadly, this report has gone nowhere, officially. I guess it may be a case of being a health issue that nobody in New Zealand wants to know about! Here it is for you to read in full:



Is there a link between the widespread use of herbicides and increasing rates of ill health, including learning disorders and autoimmune diseases? I think there is and the evidence is growing by the day that this is the case. Please read the PDF below.


The suspected mechanism that may be causing the epidemic of ailments such as food allergies, asthma, IBS, leaky gut, Crohn's, learning disorders and even autism is the disturbance of the gut microbiome.

I doubt there is a single cause for these conditions ravaging our children, however, combine one factor with multiple courses of antibiotics, fever meds, countless vaccinations and a nutrient-depleted and inflammation-promoting diet and a healthy human may be overwhelmed.

The solutions are actually rather simple: a diet of nutrient-rich whole foods that have not been soaked with herbicides and pesticides, and the avoidance of any kind of medication, including vaccines, antibiotics and popular drugs for children like Panadol - unless these are absolutely necessary.

Of course, we need a lot more research to be sure about what to do to prevent these ailments from afflicting our precious children. In the meantime, while we are waiting, parents can get on with applying what we know to date, including the exercising of good old commonsense!

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