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Covid: the surprising fourth wave

Updated: Mar 16

By Dr Sebastian Rushworth, MD.


Sebastian, a physician native to Sweden, has written about the Fourth Wave of COVID infections now beginning to sweep the Northern Hemisphere as it enters Winter. I'm reproducing his article here because Sebastian provides valuable insights for New Zealand and Australia so that we can prepare for the inevitable next wave. In addition, we can anticipate this wave as we enter Winter next year.

The main take-home points I took from Sebastian's article are these:

  1. Vaccines may have taken the heat out of the initial two to three waves, however:

  2. The consequence of vaccination is low levels of naturally acquired immunity.

  3. Vaccine-induced immunity is short-lived as compared to naturally acquired immunity.

  4. The waves are seasonal - hitting populations hardest during Winter. Knowing this provides a goldmine of information for protecting our people from the worst effects of COVID.

With this knowledge, we can therefore prepare and strategise for the next wave by:

  1. A massive campaign to get New Zealand healthy, focusing on obesity, diabetes, and anti-viral protection, including optimising zinc, vitamin C, selenium and fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin D.

  2. Improve other Winter related factors such as ventilation, crowding, housing, poverty.

  3. Better population stress management. Chronic stress depresses immune function.

  4. Do limited vaccination of at-risk populations, using safer vaccines than the current mRNA and spike protein ones.

  5. Encourage the infection to waft through the healthy populations during Summer, so we have a good level of herd immunity before next Winter.

  6. Have quarantine measures in place for at-risk populations when a wave hits.

Here is Dr Rushworth's article:

"I was surprised, at first, when many heavily vaccinated countries were hit by a new wave of covid-19 at the beginning of autumn. I was surprised, that is, until I started to see...

And here is an interesting article about Vitamin D

vit d deficiency_nutrients-13-03596-v3
Download PDF • 2.30MB

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Nov 20, 2021

Decades of past experiences in trying to get bureaucrats to change policy, indicate that the chances of getting approval for these highly relevant changes in population health over the next 5 months are worse than the proverbial snowball in hell. All that is left is to spread as much advice as possible with the aim of getting as many to get as much OTC supplies as still available. At the very least all those with darker skin pigmentation need to markedly elevate their vit. D and C intake together with a good multi capsule. It would be brilliant if the rank and file of GPs together with Naturopaths would skill up on the now readily available protocols to prevent and…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 22, 2021
Replying to

Karen, sorry if I appear to be contradicting myself: if we are going to vaccinate people it must be with one that is based on more tried and proven technologies and not the experimental mRNA and/or spike protein. My impression is all the vaccines are largely a waste of money and none are all that safe, so it would be a matter of choosing the lesser of a collection of evils, given these are being forced on people.

Karen, I do not want any, but especially the mRNA and spike ones. The best strategy is to invest in the health of the nation and use the effective medical treatments that are already available but unable to be used by Drs.

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