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Coronavirus: Why is New Zealand so more worse off than the UAE?

Updated: Apr 5

We are on the last day of our two weeks in Dubai, UAE. I am left with two impressions about this dynamic country concerning health: There is not much obesity compared to New Zealand, although they have a huge problem with diabetes, and, despite COVID being endemic, nobody seems to care all that much. It only comes up in discussion when I raise the matter. While some people are still seen wearing a mask (badly), it is not being pushed, and it seems nobody is getting the mRNA booster, and I don't see any evidence of the Government pushing it onto people. The best authority on all matters local is, of course, your taxi driver, and according to my last taxi driver, most people here have only had two mRNA jabs, which was last year for most.

Before leaving New Zealand, the once or twice-hourly wail of ambulance sirens and rescue helicopters buzzing overhead on their way to Wellington Hospital started getting to me. In contrast, we have heard maybe three sirens in the two weeks we have been here. What's going on? What is there to be seen here?

When looking at the COVID cases and deaths, comparing the UAE with NZ, which has half the population of the UAE, the contrast is striking and deeply concerning for New Zealand:

Graph total COVID cases UAE

Coronavirus Cases: 1,043,603

Deaths: 2,348

Recovered: 1,022,806

Total population: ~10 million

Graph total cases COVID New Zealand

Coronavirus Cases: 1,918,070

Deaths: 3,239

Recovered: 1,891,853

Total population: ~5 million

Remember that New Zealand, like Australia, is approximately one year behind the rest of the world, so we can assume New Zealand is doing much worse than the UAE regarding COVID deaths. How come?

In addition, it seems as if New Zealand's leaders are either clueless or deliberately set out to destroy our economy and rip the fabric of our civil society to shreds.

Please read this article by Dr Guy Hatchard, then come back to this article:

And set aside an evening to watch this film later:

So, what's going on here?

Like you, I didn't come down with the last shower, and I'm not one to beat about the bush, especially when lives are involved, so here's my take, which does not require the brain of a rocket scientist to understand. Instead, a hampster brain will suffice.

Read this and watch the interview:

With each round of jabs, the desperate calls we get for help from vaccine-injured people increases. New Zealand, along with most Western democracies, now has record all-causes mortality; with each death, there are thousands of injuries.

The pyramid of death and harm

Given what we know now about the harm these mRNA drugs do, it is a no-brainer why people are being injured and harmed:

It's the jab, stupid!

There is no other plausible explanation.

My challenge to the jab-happy health experts and politicians is this:

Show me one person who has died from Omricon this year who has never had an mRNA jab.

Go on, show me just one case.

The more jabs a person has, the more likely a person is not only to catch Omricon but suffer badly from the infection. I had one chap suffering complicated health problems consult me: He had caught Omricon six times despite being fully jabbed and boosted. A vaccine that not only does not work but makes a person more likely to get the infection, and repeatedly, is not a vaccine.

Stop the carnage now!

Good health never came out of a needle and syringe.

Invest, instead, in Real Health: Community engagement, purpose in life, affordable housing, exercise, relaxation, sleep, fresh air, being one with nature and affordable nutrient-dense fresh food: these things are the well-springs of enduring health.

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