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I've been thinking about ageing and wisdom!

Updated: Apr 5

While anxiously waiting for notifications about our lost luggage, including our bikes, as we make our way to the UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championships in the UK on December 2nd, I thought I'd distract myself by uploading a few videos I recorded a few months ago.

As we age, we begin to figure out and make sense of the confusion surrounding us. This is known as wisdom, the fruit of knowledge and experience. Better still, we can take our wisdom and put it down on paper and articulate it on video, thus passing it on for the benefit of others, including future generations. Please share and comment. Thanks!

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Nov 17, 2022

That's a curve ball having to deal with missing luggage and bikes Gary, but as Paul points out, if anyone can cope with curve balls, you've proved numerous times that you're most capable.

Listening to your video message about gaining some wisdom as we age,and writing about it to help others, it feels like you are speaking directly to my heart. Hitting the big seven-O this year has been a bit of a shock and wake-up call for me. What is it about those birthday milestones with zeros in them that feel like a kick in the butt?!!

Anyway, big thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Gary.. I'm working on it 🙂

( Imagine how much poorer…


Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Nov 17, 2022

Luggage missing is weird Gary, because, the bikes would have been separate from your cases.

Were you on one flight like Emirates > Singapore then Dubai

or Air Singapore then different flight.?

Normally I am fairly confident with luggage . I have never been insured on the basis that Insurance companies take premiums but don't pay for legit claims.

The success rate for finding luggage is very high so keep your well known disciplined spirits up.

I can't even imagine how expensive it might be there for say a Coke and sugar.

Sincerely, Paul Scott

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