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Convoy 2022: Spreading the Love!

Updated: Mar 27

(Updated 25 August 2022)

Yesterday, August 23rd, the Tamaki-led Freedom and Rights Coalition marched to parliament to demand the restoration of freedom and democracy, including an end to the misinformation and coercion surrounding the jab. Much hype was made that this would be an unruly mob to be feared. The Government went to great lengths to hamper the people's plans, including a blanket media blackout and cancelling ferries, trains and planes. The parliament precinct was converted into a fortress: windows in parliament were blacked out, bollards and other barriers blocked the entrances, and an army of police and security guards were called in to protect the PM and her Members of Parliament. It was as if they were preparing for a full-on assault!

While I am not a supporter of Brian Tamaki, I was curious to see what unfolds and to gather a feeling of their support. Were they just another unruly "river of filth, as per the Government's description of the protesters?

Here's a pictorial and video record of our excursion to parliament yesterday.

True to form, mainstream media (MSM) had nothing kind or accurate to say about the demonstrators. MSM reported there were only a few thousand in attendance. I'd say there were many more than a fe thousand. It was a fantastic turnout when you think this was only the Freedom and Rights Coalition and none of the other freedom groups, some of which have more diverse and extensive support.

Brian Tamaki, for various reasons, is not quite my cuppa tea, but he is filling a need. I'd say, knowing this Tamaki-led organisation is one of the least popular freedom groups, and the growth in their numbers since the beginning of the year, the Government is in trouble. They know it, judging by their over-the-top attempts to prevent this march.

Peaceful protesters

As an aside, if you have seen "MAGA" MAJA signs during the demonstration, it means Make Gacinda or Jacinda Go Away: Not Make America Greater. It's making fun of the insinuations by MSM that the demonstrators are far right Nazi Trump-supporting extremists.

The woke Victoria University communist club organised a small counter-demonstration, but it was so small I had not noticed them when I first walked past. I was told to go back and check them out but to be very careful because they were aggressive and nasty.

I could not take any decent video because they physically blocked me, using their bodies, flags and banners to obstruct filming. I asked them why I could not film them; after all, their demonstration was in a public place, and surely they'd like the publicity. They assumed I was the enemy. Well, I sure was their enemy after that hostile reception! If there are Nazi communist extremists who want to exterminate the majority of humanity, I might have just met some of them! What have our universities come to? They are not the liberal institutions I attended many years ago.

MSM said the counter-demonstration numbered about 500. I don't think so: I'd say 50 at the most. Talk about exaggeration to the point of lying!

And you can see what side of the fence the Greens are on: They won't acknowledge the mandated and vaccine-injured, but they'll sneak past them for a photo opportunity with the communists who want us enslaved while also exterminating most of us to save the planet.

Green MPs are proud to support the solidarity rally.
"Green MPs are proud to support the solidarity rally".
Communist rally

communist rally
At least we now understand where the Greenies lie politically

New Zealand is now a dangerously divided country. What is so dangerous is, in our politeness, we have allowed the nasty woke minority among us to grab the power of the State and institutions such as the universities.

I went back to the main entrance, and the people were still streaming in and, in contrast to the communists, they were so peaceful and friendly.

MSM: Guilty of understating the support for Brian Tamaki.

Protesters at Parliament

I'd say about 80% of the crowd was Maori. One observer said, "We are witnessing the beginning of a Maori uprising". I think he may be right. Because, as usual, none of the elite Maori leadership has ever shown up at these demonstrations: these leaders have made millions of dollars out of treaty settlements, etc., and jabbed their people to death and disability with a harmful and useless drug to make even more millions. Heartland Maori have not benefited, so it is time they said, "enough! to this exploitation".

Maori Protesters

There was a mock trial of the Government, which was pronounced guilty as charged (crimes against humanity, etc.). However, this was hardly a surprise because we knew the verdict before the trial began!

Mock Trial

Hey, Wellingtonians and the rest of New Zealand, if you fear these people and feel it is fair to call them a river of filth, please think again. They are mostly intelligent and caring people prepared to put their welfare and reputations on the line for the greater good of this country.

Protesters united

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Aug 24, 2022

Gary you are so right. People are waking up even those I thought were far gone, but every day a few more turn away from the red queen - every day. Not a fan of tamaki but he's right about what he says about this govt. Also the counter protesters were calling the peaceful protesters names and giving them the finger while hiding behind anti hate placards. So ironic.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Aug 28, 2022
Replying to

You're right about the counter protestors - they were the scary ones.

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