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Beware of these Long-Winded Supplement Advertisements

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A friend sent me this email:

"Harvard-trained researchers warn:

You may be skyrocketing your dementia risk… simply by doing this common bedtime habit before brushing your teeth.

Shocking new studies link this habit to memory loss - especially if people with a family history of dementia.

Millions of Americans do this habit every single night… Yet NO ONE is telling you about the damage it does to your brain.

If you're worried about your "senior moments"... or if memory loss runs in your family…

Find out what this bedtime habit is before it's too late."

Here is the video but I am warning you to think twice before you watch It says it is a short video. Well, I beg to differ: It drones on and on for what seems like hours, tugging at your heartstrings as it gently lulls you into a mental state somewhere between comatose and certifiable brain death.

And, before you enter this state of irreparable mental torpor, read this article, then come back here:

Although these advertorial pitches are tedious and long-winded, and they may even be amusing, they exist because they work. So, please take care and, whatever you do, don't push the "Buy Now" button. Leave it for a few days and do some more research. Sure, many of the ingredients in these products have agreeable benefits but are they what is best for you and by lumping so many ingredients into a single capsule, is the dose of each ingredient sufficient to improve your health anyway?