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Do you really want fluoride back in your water?


My blog is about health, nutrition, physical activity, healthy ageing, exploring the Great Outdoors, sport, having fun and little else, but I wish it were that simple.

What is so frustrating is, increasingly, the greatest threats to the health and wholesomeness of New Zealanders, especially our children, are the health authorities and their experts who have sworn to protect us and to first do no harm! These people and their political masters seem to have either lost the plot or are willing or unwitting participants in a dastardly master plan to dumb down our children, make us all ill, dependent on drugs for sustenance and, ultimately, depopulate the planet. But this may be a bit far-fetched.

Perhaps the best answer to what is happening is that these people are selfish and just plain stupid despite their doctorates and professorships. Their lives are too comfortable as they profit from the misery of the majority. For starters, they can protect their children from the dumbing-down effects of fluoride by installing expensive water filters, they can afford to put fresh vegetables and the $8 block of butter on their dinner tables, and they can heat their homes and bypass the collapsing health system by going to the flash private hospital.

Did you not know that we now have a two-tiered health system? Yes - a run-down one for the poor majority and one exclusively for the wealthy and the elites that comes with no waiting lists and has all the bells and whistles!


false teeth

‘As the editor of JAMA Pediatrics put it: “The effects of this study are comparable to the effects of lead, and if these findings are true there should be just as much concern about prenatal fluoride exposure.”

If you can't afford an expensive fluoride filter on your water supply, and the annual replacement cost, here is something for you to get your TEETH into:

Protest Wellington Water Committee

NO to restarting fluoridation

Friday 8.30 am 29th July Meet outside Hutt City Council Chambers 30 Laings Road Lower Hutt Committee Meeting starts at 10am

"As you probably know the fluoridation equipment for the Wellington region (Hutt, Wellington and Porirua) broke down last year. This has caused a controversy as Wellington Water, the entity that manages the water for Upper Hutt, Hutt City, Wellington, Porirua and South Wairarapa councils, did not notify the Council Board charged with overseeing Wellington Water, of this until earlier this year.

The Greater Wellington Regional Council met in May and agreed to spend the $6M (provisional estimate) to fix the aging fluoridation equipment. Obvious to all of us, is they should use this money to implement CHILDSMILE programmes in the areas around Wellington that have a high proportion of children with dental decay. The new law that has given absolute power to the Director General of Health (DG) did not come into force until December last year, after the fluoridation stopped. Therefore, it can be argued that the councils have not made a decision to stop fluoridation since the enactment of this law. They could then, legally, wait to be ordered by the DG, to restart fluoridation. The DG has to undertake a review of the data and provide a cost-benefit analysis of how much dental decay would be reduced compared to the cost of fluoridation. In the meantime, more science is being published on the detrimental effects of fluoride on the brain and the court case in the US is still pending. It is hoped the review by the EPA will be published this year and that the court case will resume after that. See our press release published in the Daily Telegraph NZ last week. Wellington Water Saves Children's IQs - Albeit Unwittingly". Thanks Mary and the team at Fluoride Free NZ


Legislation – Health Act 1956 3A Function of Ministry in relation to public health Without limiting any other enactment or rule of law, and without limiting any other functions of the Ministry or of any other person or body, the Ministry shall have the function of improving, promoting, and protecting public health.

116E Director-General may direct local authority to add or not to add fluoride to drinking water

(1) The Director-General may direct a local authority to add or not to add fluoride to drinking water supplied through its local authority supply. (2) The Director-General must seek and consider advice from the Director of Public Health on the matters in subsection (3)(a) and (b)(i) before deciding whether to make a direction. (3) Before making a direction, the Director-General must consider— (a) scientific evidence on the effectiveness of adding fluoride to drinking water in reducing the prevalence and severity of dental decay; and (b) whether the benefits of adding fluoride to the drinking water outweigh the financial costs, taking into account— (i) the state or likely state of the oral health of a population group or community where the local authority supply is situated; and (ii) the number of people who are reasonably likely to receive drinking water from the local authority supply; and (iii) the likely financial cost and savings of adding fluoride to the drinking water, including any additional financial costs of ongoing management and monitoring. (4) For the purpose of subsection (3)(b)(i), the Director-General may take into account any evidence that the Director-General considers relevant.

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