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Fluoride: who to vote for

Updated: Feb 21

Mother breast feeding baby
First, do no harm

Sometimes, in politics, there is an issue that is so compelling and so time-sensitive that it demands that you cast your precious vote for this one issue and possibly at the expense of other issues.

This may be the case with fluoridation of our municipal water supplies here in New Zealand.

The evidence is becoming clear that fluoride in water does harm to delicate organs like the thyroid gland and now to the brains of babies. The word is out that more studies are on their way that supports this view of harm. In case you did not know, NZ has an epidemic of thyroid disease.

Politicians know that they get votes by cuddling and kissing babies. They also know that it is a political death sentence for them if they were to drop a baby! With regards to fluoride, it looks like they have dropped the baby.

If a drug was on the market that was later suspected to be harming babies it would be immediately withdrawn. Why not fluoride?

Please read these articles:

If you feel strongly opposed to mandatory fluoridation you can have an influence by choosing who to vote for in next month's local body elections. While the responsibility to fluoridate water supplies is in the process of being shifted into the hands of Central Government so as to wrest control from the pesky public who are now having doubts, you can send a powerful message to all politicians by voting for the local body candidates who have expressed opposition to fluoridation.

To help you choose who to vote for, Fluoride Free NZ has compiled a list of local body candidates who are for or against fluoridation. While this is an incomplete list it is being constantly added to. Here is the list which you can check before you cast your vote:

Which councils in New Zealand fluoridate the water:

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