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Aspirate before you Inject!

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

"Take a look at this video Gary, I have thought that this was a major cause of heart issues related to the Vaccine it's a pretty obvious one and this Danish top doctor (microbiologist) at Copenhagen University is really calling it out! I think it's responsible for most of the adverse reactions, the question really is why has the world gone this way it makes no sense to me and it doesn't to this guy and many others.

If you have the time to watch it all and then read the comments as they are also very interesting, I think this is the real scandal with no logical explanation!"

(Name supplied but withheld)


I agree, failing to aspirate can cause harm; however, failing to aspirate does not explain the less acute injuries such as extreme fatigue, neurological harm, stroke, heart damage and more, some of which may not happen for three or more months down the track. It will be years before we know the full extent of harm, including possible intergenerational consequences.

I can't understand why aspiration before injecting is not compulsory. Let me tell you about my own unfortunate experience.

I was in the hospital with a mystery illness, undergoing tests, of which there were many - you could say I was party to a medical fishing expedition by inexperienced doctors: if you don't know what the problem is, throw every test under the sun at it and see what comes to the surface. I was not well at the time and in need of urgent care, so I was hardly in a position to complain. I am sure you understand; most of us have been in that kind of situation one or more times in their life.

A young doctor needed to do a simple procedure, requiring the injection of some local anaesthetic. He injected it, but, apparently, directly into a blood vessel! The effect was instantaneous; the most agonising pain engulfed my body as I felt something course through my veins, then my heart stopped, and I lost consciousness. It must have been only for seconds, and I quickly came around to see the doctor was the person now having the heart attack!

I recovered quickly with no after-effects, but it was a scare for all involved. The lesson was clear:

  • All medical procedures, no matter how innocuous, have a degree of risk, and

  • Aspirate the needle before injecting it just in case it has penetrated a blood vessel!

I have a theory why very fit people may be more at risk of injury by failing to aspirate before injecting. One adaptation to long-term exercise is the increase in both the number and the size of the blood vessels in the musculature. The logic is simple and obvious: the more blood vessels there are and the wider their diameter, the greater the risk that a needle will end up penetrating a blood vessel.

When it comes to these vaccines, there are numerous possible mechanisms for causing harm, including the failure to aspirate before injecting. Another seldom acknowledged risk is an allergic reaction to one or more of several vaccine additives, such as PEG.

So, in conclusion, to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction, the most obvious steps are these:

  • Only inject if you have to.

  • Aspirate the needle before injecting.

Keep safe: ride a bike, go for a hike, or play with your children. These are safer and healthy for you, and they remove the need for most medical procedures.

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