• Gary Moller

Are Statins Safe and Effective?

Dr handing over a bottle of drugs

The short answer is "NO!"

Along with bisphosphonate drugs, this class of drug has probably harmed millions of innocent people and they continue to do so, contributing to an ever-increasing Tsunami of chronic and debilitating disease.

To learn more about statins and their nasty effects on health, please spend a few minutes searching the live PDF at the bottom of this article. This is a research database that has been assembled by Greenmed and is being constantly updated. It is a wonderful live research service that I have been making good use of for years. Give them a donation if you like their work. Most of what they do is for free.

Statins are the largest and smelliest red herrings ever to be dragged across the paths of mostly well-meaning health professionals.

Medical professionals have been horribly misled and they continue to be so.

Why are these drugs still being prescribed with gay abandon by intelligent health professionals? MONEY. Big money - and by a huge and very misleading fear-mongering propaganda campaign.

Statin prescribing is a multi-billion dollar industry, creating huge profits right down the chain fr