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You're Invited to An Evening with Trevor Loudon

Updated: Apr 5

Wow! This is amazing! Who on earth succeeded in arranging this evening with such an authoritative speaker?

If you can, please bring something to sit on, like a folding chair, since seating is limited.

See you there!


An Evening with Trevor Loudon

Wednesday, 12th of April, 7:00 pm, at Ngaio Hall, 11 Abbott Street, Ngaio. What made the last three years possible? Including the debacle at Albert Park?

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, broadcaster, keynote speaker at events across the USA, and has appeared in many interviews about politics and society. For decades, Trevor Loudon has been conducting research, and warning people about 'the long march through the institutions’.

In this talk, Trevor will be describing the ideas that have permeated through the political sector, the culture and society, and will highlight the backgrounds of people and entities involved in this "cultural revolution". This will be a wide-ranging discussion, touching on developments in China, Russia, the USA—and of course New Zealand. Originally from Canterbury, Trevor now lives in the USA, but is currently in New Zealand on holiday and has offered to give some talks around the country. A recent respondent to his talk in Christchurch said "Every New Zealander really needs to hear Trevor speak”. So don’t miss the opportunity to get some insight from someone who has been close to the action overseas.

Please bring a small koha to help with the venue costs.

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