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Is a global depopulation catastrophe locked in?

Updated: Apr 5

(Updated 05 April 2023)

Please start by having a listen to what Jordan Peterson has to say in this video:

Is there evidence we are on the brink of population collapse, perhaps engineered by evil or just plain stupid people? Consider what this expert has to say about the consequences of mass jabbing of young people with the mRNA poison:

The fact-checkers say the following Deagle Report is not credible, but nowadays, I'm inclined to think the opposite of these hired Orwellian guns. Read what they say about Deagle here. So, if they say it is untrue, then it probably is true. However, while I remain sceptical of where the truth lies, events of the last two years do point to the collapse of the Western Democracies, which appear hell-bent on bringing about their self-destruction, and this is reflected in the archived Deagle Report. Check it out for yourself here:

I'm writing this because some people believe that the pandemic, mRNA jabs, wokeness, Agenda 2030 and all the conspiratorial rest, including fanning the fires of war throughout the world and the hysteria over climate change, have the ultimate goal of reducing the human population by 90%, possibly by 2030! If there are such plans, then these people, wealthy and powerful they may be, are still wholly nuts - insane to the nth degree and evil! However, there is no need for international conspiracies for disaster to unfold because they may happen of their own accord unless we anticipate and act decisively to change the direction of the momentum behind where we are heading.

We were talking to an Armenian friend. He told us about the Armenian genocide perpetrated by the Turks during WWI. More than a million Armenians were horrifically exterminated.

With a wry grin, he told us that after the killers had gone, every Armenian woman of childbearing age had 6-8 children. That was their way of sticking it in the face of their Turkish enemies: the Armenian population bounced back to where it was within a couple of generations!

This story of the Armenian genocide highlights the importance of the tribe in protecting its women and children because, without the ability to bear and bring healthy children to adulthood, the tribe is doomed. In contrast, the tribe can lose most of its men and still survive, but only if it does so to protect its women and children. You could argue that the "Wokeness" of today means we are failing in our duty to protect our women and children, with many consequences, including depopulation and perhaps population collapse. We are on the cliff edge of collapse right now, and we must act quickly and decisively to avoid catastrophe.

We need more young people. If the trend of low birth rates continues, modern society worldwide will face decay and collapse. AI and robots will not save us: The only thing preventing societal decay, chaos, and destruction is bringing healthy, wanted children into this world.

Reasons for population decline and collapse:

  1. Shrinking of the middle class requires both parents to work.

  2. The dramatic increase in the cost of having and raising children, mainly childcare and education.

  3. An increase in a work culture that takes more available time from families.

  4. Decreasing population health status that affects the ability to conceive.

  5. Medications, including mRNA vaccines, reduce fertility while increasing miscarriages and stillbirths.

  6. The "woke" assault on what it means to be a man and woman and undermining the traditional family unit.

I favour fewer people, including here in New Zealand, but not if it means sending society back to some stone age. I think there could be as few as half the current number. Just think about that: Back to the time we could rock up to the beach and catch a wave without having to line up in a queue of surfers! However attractive as this might be, decreasing the population within a country like New Zealand must be done gradually. Hence, there is ample time and resources to adapt and not allow society and infrastructure to decay and collapse.

If we inadvertently trigger a breakdown of society, thus unleashing poverty and starvation, guess what will happen to the environment? Hungry and desperate people have no time for the niceties of environmentalism, such as weed control and trapping pests. So instead, in their desperation to survive, they chop down, eat everything, and burn what remains. The environment is degraded, and much of it is destroyed.

Instead, we need a carefully managed decrease to reduce the population while protecting and enhancing the environment. While the population decreases, we must shift from a low-wage economy to one less dependent on external inputs and one powered by clean energy and a highly-skilled workforce.

Did you know the best way to bring about a gradual and manageable decline in population, including it becoming a healthy, highly-skilled population, is to eliminate poverty and empower women by giving them better access to education and contraception? We also need strong men who can provide for and protect their families. This includes supporting a family on one income like my mother and father raised six healthy children during the 1950s and 60s.

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