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You're invited to a Therapeutic Products Bill meeting

Updated: Apr 5


Supporters, I received this invitation from Tracy Livingstone for you to attend an information meeting on the Therapeutic Products Bill. While it is for health professionals, everyone is most welcome to attend.

We need your support!

Understanding what this Bill contains and opposing it is essential to retain your health freedoms and protect your family and community from the worst globalist ambitions.

The most insidious and frightening thing about this complex Bill is it is a Trojan Horse for slipping mRNA and related gene-based biotech into NZ via the powers of the "Regulator" and into your children's bodies, bypassing critical safety procedures.

The last few years were the prelude to what is coming - gene-altering jabs for everything, including our plants and animals! We must not allow this Bill to get through because fiddling with life's Godscript (DNA) may trigger a mass extinction, not just of humanity: but all living creatures sharing 90% or more of our DNA script.

The genetics genie is now out of the bottle! However, it is not too late to put it back.

Universities have been granted tens of millions of dollars for mRNA research and development:

The Government has opened its facility in Lower Hutt:

And an mRNA factory has opened in Timaru:

Places on the Zoom meeting are limited so it will be first-come-first-served.

See you there! Gary


Dear Practitioner

This is an invitation to attend an information meeting on the Therapeutic Products Bill. The TPB is an open ended, "enabling" bill with few limits to its "powers" which include "power of entry" into your clinic. It's no exaggeration to say, it will turn many health practitioners into criminals, with long jail sentences and massive fines for breaking new government rules. The Govt wants to control and 'regulate' natural health products in the same bill that fast tracks pharmaceuticals and vaccines, gene therapies and AI technology. It's "industry friendly". The experience of countries who are already 'harmonized' is not great. The Australian TGA spends all its time and money investigating natural product manufacturers with famously vindictive attacks onsupplement producers, and not managing the dangerous pharmaceutical industry - perhaps because Big Chem/Big Medicine had a hand in writing this legislation. Some naturopaths and producers are not concerned, they think it will get rid of the cowboys in the natural health sector and increase their business opportunities. It may for some, but it will put many small producers out of business and make NHPs (natural health products) more expensive and less accessible and scare many practitioners into retirement. I'd like to fill you in on what you might not know about this bill, where it's coming from (clue...probably not "Dr" Andrew Little) and why we need to fight it and ideas on how we're going to fight it. The final day for submissions on the 2nd reading is 5th March, so no time like the present. Looking forward to sharing some of what I learnt about the TPB on Sunday evening 26th Feb, so join us at 7pm on the link below. Tracy Livingston B.Applied Sc(Osteopathy) Password: 885233 Introduction and invite: Passcode: E?5D#v%x

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