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Why Vaccine Passports are wrong

Updated: Mar 17

Checkpoint Vaxx

I don't support vaccine passports for a variety of reasons. However, if it comes to the crunch and I must carry and show papers to put bread on our family's table, there might be a lesser of two evils: instead of the vaccine passport, I'd prefer to carry an immunity passport. However, before we discuss this matter, let's talk about the merits of naturally acquired immunity which is what one gets after one catches an infection in the wild.

Let's assume that there are now tens, if not hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders, here and overseas who have knowingly or unknowingly had the COVID infection, recovered and now, presumed to have lasting immunity. There are many questions about this that I'd like to have answered, such as:

  1. How many NZ citizens are there who have naturally acquired immunity?

  2. How does this compare with the immunity gained from the mRNA vaccine?

  3. How broad are vaccine-induced and naturally acquired immunity?

  4. How long does each of these last?

  5. Does a person who demonstrates naturally acquired immunity benefit from having the vaccine?

These are fair questions to ask. However, those running the show seem incapable of providing answers. It leaves people wondering why. I wonder why myself.

Think about it: if there are already many people who have a natural immunity to the bug, then we can save wads of precious money because they don't need the jab!

Another question to ask is why there is not widespread availability of antibody testing? If the answer is that there are still questions surrounding the reliability of these tests, the most obvious response is there has been more than enough time to sort this out, so why haven't they?

Is it not the goal to achieve herd immunity, thus causing the bug to "burn out"? Of course, it is! A vaccine is merely a tool in the process of gaining herd immunity, so it is immunity that we should be testing for and certifying.

Immunity is the key. If a person is vaccinated, it is wrong to say that they then have immunity from the infection and bear in mind that immunity gained from the mRNA jab may be too narrow and too short-lived to protect from mutations. Furthermore, we can not assume a vaccinated person is protected because some people may have a weak immune response, whereas others may have a strong one. So, a vaccine passport may be misleading about a person's immune status. We need to be measuring immunity and not just vaccination status. Thus, a vaccine passport is meaningless, and it may be putting the bearer and others at risk by giving everyone a false sense of security.

A vaccine is merely a tool in the process of gaining herd immunity, so it is immunity that we should be testing for and certifying if it is the certification they demand of us.

Finally, the evidence is growing by the day supporting the opinion that naturally acquired immunity is superior to the vaccine and longer-lasting, plus that there is probably no benefit for them to be vaccinated:

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Nov 11, 2021

Just for fun I recently asked my GP if I could have an immunity test to check if I had been exposed, so had immunity, as all four of my office staff had a really nasty flu earlier in the year before the Delta variant was admitted. They all got themselves tested - the results came back as negative, but the symptoms I saw and they described sounded like COVID to me.

False negatives? or the authorities in denial? I got no symptoms at all :-)

The GP told me that to get tested I would have to get consent from the Canterbury Regional Chief Microbiologist, who has not previously given consent to anyone. Same answer even if I paid…

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 11, 2021
Replying to

David, good on you for asking! If all of us keep pushing these matters, we may break the wall down.


Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Nov 06, 2021

Hi Philip and Chalamad, Iike you both, I sense most NZ'ers know that something stinks but, unlike you, they have yet to figure it out. For now, the best we can do is patiently chip away. I feel the dam is about to burst. Gosh, it has to for the sake of all!


Nov 04, 2021

I had Covid back in April of last year (2020) and successfully treated it with colloidal silver. I was coughing, wheezing (lungs were in bad shape). I used a cold mist inhaler with silver to clear the lungs in a few days. I've had no further issues (without the jabs) despite having a weakened immune system due to multiple health problems. I suspect it was delta variant I kicked in a half a day about one month ago. Natural immunity has worked well for me.

Based on mounting evidence there are many inconsistencies in what they are telling us. "We should be testing for immunity." Good point. They've had plenty of time to assess the situation, but they're too busy…


Philip Hayward
Nov 04, 2021

Why did Medsafe in April 2020 BAN the importation or manufacture of Covid antibodies test kits?

Note that the ban has been extended and is still in force.

Why has no-one - not National, not ACT, not Winston Peters - tried to make this the scandal that brought down the Jacinda regime? There was ample opportunity BEFORE the election that she won a landslide victory in.

What on earth is the possible basis apart from that the regime don't WANT people to KNOW? Even if people pay their own way to find out? And is all the political "opposition" in on the game? I believe David Seymour did ask some pertinent questions long ago about the mysterious "flu like…


Philip Hayward
Nov 04, 2021

This page with natural immunity studies keeps getting updated and the list and number of studies grows constantly.

The url says "79 studies" - there are actually now 102.

Meanwhile the CDC has shamelessly seized on one study with obvious statistical method issues, and of course this study is picked up on an trumpeted ad nauseum by the treacherous "mainstream" media.

Read about it here:

And here:

And here: (use Google translate)

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