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Why Omicron will soon become very deadly

Updated: Apr 1

Come and join us and many thousands of citizens tomorrow, 16th December, to march on Parliament.


Here's what Steve Kirsch has to say:

"Health officials will use Omicron to scare people to taking the booster. The booster will suppress your immune system. You get Omicron. The booster then kills you. Omicron gets the blame.

Here’s my guess for how this is going to play out:

  1. Health officials use fear of Omicron to scare people into taking the booster now.

  2. The booster temporarily suppresses your immune system, making you more susceptible to getting Omicron.

  3. You get Omicron

  4. You die due to the vaccine

  5. Omicron is perceived to have killed you.

  6. Go to step 1.

See? It’s never-ending. Nobody ever figures out that the “safe and effective” vaccine was doing the killing."

(Steve is a prolific, entertaining and informative writer. Here is his newsletter:



This is the pattern we are following in New Zealand: endless pandemic with endless jabs. In addition, the vaccination programme hurts people and kills some. Those the jab hurts are generally healthy and young people who have little to fear from the disease. In contrast, the people who have the most to worry are the over-eighties and the few medically or genetically immune-compromised. However, the most significant number of people at risk are those who have not invested in their health for various reasons: smokers, drinkers, obese and chronic couch potatoes.

Come and join us and many thousands of citizens tomorrow, 16th December, to march on Parliament.

If I think of myself and my family, we have nothing to fear from this virus - nothing at all - we have consistently invested in our health over our lifetimes. Yet, despite all the things we have done to ensure we are in excellent health, the Government is now forcing us to risk everything by injecting a medication that is, by every measure, an expensive, ineffective and dangerous poison.

The truth is this: it is an unsafe dud.

My questions for you are these:

  • Why has there been zero investment in improving population health?

  • Why has the health system been allowed to fall into further ruin during a pandemic?

  • Are you prepared to allow another 30,000 small and medium businesses to fail over the next year, due to the Traffic Light System?

  • Are you comfortable with the division of society, of families, due to Government policies?

  • Why have there been no "pandemic" conferences for medical practitioners and scientists to meet and debate science and develop remedies? Instead, we have a group of "elites" deciding on everything from behind closed doors.

  • Why is there no extra medical diligence to monitor the safety of these DNA-altering drugs, which, in the previous 20 years, never made it through animal safety testing yet are now mandated for injection in every human?

  • Are you willing to hand your children over to be injected? How about your babies after them? Our pregnant women?

  • What comes next - where is this taking us individually, our families, society, humanity, and our intergenerational genetics?

This pandemic and its authoritarian mismanagement disturb me deeply, more than anything else ever in my lifetime.

This madness has to end now.

Last month's demonstrations despite the media blackout

Come and join us and many thousands of citizens tomorrow, 16th December, to march on Parliament. We are assembling at 10.30 am in Civic Square. Please bring your family, especially your children: it is empowering. You will meet the most eclectic and supportive mass of Kiwis!


If you have not heard anything about this march, I'm not surprised because there has been an almost total media blackout, the same as they did for the previous demonstration, which still brought 20,000 more people to march on Parliament.


We are marching tomorrow to protect our children. How about you - what are you going to do? Please don't tell me that you are too busy to take a few hours off work!

See you there!

Another relevant article by Steve:

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Dr Keryn Johnson
Dr Keryn Johnson
Dec 16, 2021

The approach is based on sound science and evidence based medicine. I thought that would get peoples attention. The science model being used is based on a flawed model that identifies 5% of the universe and it's material aspects have been indoctrinated into society.

Please consider the new science of quantum biology. It has a different perspective more about the physics in a person's body and how that functions.

The failed science model is due to the universe we see is within the mind. Not external. Also, light has no mass and no charge.

What does this mean?

It means a complete rewrite of science. This is taking place. The power struggle for knowledge and who own the narrative provides…


Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Dec 15, 2021

Thanks everyone for your comments in this column and via emails etc.

Yet another of my health professional friends, a doctor, quit the other day, rather than continue to be a party to this this carnage. including a school principal. This is on top of a school principal and a teacher all in the last few days. If this is my lone experience, then the losses from these professions must be alarming. Unfortunately, there is a media backout on these COVID-related matters, so we may never quite know what is actually happening. It appears the Gvt does not really care as our health and education professions are gutted along with small and medium businesses.

Remember that NZ had and squandered…


Dec 15, 2021

We've got the smug vaccinated - virtue posing and pointing the finger of condemnation at others

We've got the furious vaccinated - those coerced, bullied and threatened into it else lose your job, your house, everything

We've got the vaccinated injured - disillusioned people who believed what they were told and followed. Sad consequences for them

We've got the unvaccinated - made their own choice after researching and questioning the propaganda. The vilified, banned, hated and called "conspiracy theorists".

If the furious, injured, disillusion and unvaxed joined up, what a powerful force they'd be.


Philip Hayward
Dec 15, 2021

My opinion of Theresa May just went up an order of magnitude. GB News show host Dan Wootton is right.

Mrs May is simply standing up and simply stating the truth. Our standard scientific understanding is that viruses in pandemics gradually evolve to be less and less deadly, which is why pandemics fizzle out, and why descendants of the Spanish Flu virus are still circulating even today but not killing anyone.

This whole thing has the stench about it of political opportunism via deliberate terror propaganda. At every stage, there has been falsehoods asserted as the latest approved information, everything is bad news and none can possibly be good news. Anyone who can't see this is a fool.



Kiwi Cam
Kiwi Cam
Dec 14, 2021

I can't help but wonder if there are more effective ways to get people to see a more balanced view of what is happening. One of the biggest road blocks we have is the apathy or ignorance of the NZ population at large. We need simpler and smarter ways of engaging people. Just enough to plant a seed that is close to home for them and eventually it will grow as other people water it. The govt controls most of the cards in this game, so this isn't going to be easy, but surely people can eventually understand that the mandate/transmission narrative is nonsensical. Christmas is coming and we'll all have another chance to discuss this topic in small fam…

Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Dec 15, 2021
Replying to

One awful human characteristic is that once ideas are set in they are hard even impossible to change. With a fear psychoses such as this, about 30% of people will hold the false propaganda to be true, and absolute till their dying day , even in the face of that that false idea which is killing them. I belive we are best to give up on these imbeciles and concentrate on people who are in the middle , doubtful and suspicious of authority group.

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