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Who are the "IN Generation"?

Updated: Feb 23

Young people

I am tempted to call many of the young people coming through today as being members of the "IN Generation".

"IN" referring to the Instant Noodle and what these noodles represent (nutrient-depleted, additive-soaked foods that are really nothing more than a sugar hit). You can include most chicken and pork in this as well for their part in causing chronic nutrient depletion.

Fast food

Nutritional deficiencies abound in younger people more than ever seen before. It is deeply concerning to me because there are so many very tired and fragile people coming through into adulthood nowadays.

The solutions being offered to young people are becoming ever so bizarre. Always the quick-fix, give me a shot-doc solution and forget about the basics. Here is an example targeting mostly young people:

You and I will not fall for this kind of stuff, but plenty of people are.

The solid foundations of good health begin with a varied and wholesome diet that is prepared daily from fresh ingredients, including free-range beef, lamb and eggs and a serving of fresh fish once or twice a week.

Raise your children to be versatile omnivores. Do not risk them joining the IN Generation.

Sugar masquerading as healthy food is at the root of the problem. It is in just about everything these days. Even healthy foods like apples, tomatoes, grapes and mandarins are far more sugary that when I was a child! Sugar in great excess is at the heart of most of the diseases that afflict us today, including lacking robust immune protection.

Party food

Over 70% of packaged foods nowadays have added sugar.

Restrict the sugar-soaked party foods for your children from infancy and encourage versatile eating. Ditch the empty rice crackers, the toxic noodles and the sugar posing as icecream. Muesli bars, white rice and chicken are best not had as daily foods. Take care with things like raisins, grapes, apples and oranges which are high in sugar. Fruit juices are massive sugar hits and best highly restricted.

Save these "food-like substances" for the party and as the occasional treat and you'll raise healthy, strong children who will eat just about anything.

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