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Whispers of Betrayal: Divide & Conquer!

Updated: Apr 5

Many people are wondering what New Zealand will be like several years from now. More and more Kiwis worry that their nation, which was once a bastion of freedom and democracy, with free speech as its foundation, is being taken over by a group of so-called "kleptoglobalists", who's agents have infiltrated their political parties, the public service, education, and health institutions. One area of concern that's been largely overlooked is the government's security agencies, which are burgeoning in size, complexity, and budget.

The questions on people's minds are these:

Are these resources being used to protect New Zealand from real dangers to its security, or are they being employed to track and manage compliant citizens, manipulate the press, and hinder non-violent dissent and free expression, thus weakening our democracy?

In this imaginary country that follows, a few powerful people are threatening a democracy — kleptoglobalists — who wish to acquire the world's assets, including the priceless commodity of all — humanity's minds and bodies.

A series of global pandemics caused by the deliberate release of laboratory-engineered super-viruses spread panic throughout the world. In the once-prosperous nation of Libertas, the government of PM Viktor Petrov gains power. With the cooperation of the parliamentary opposition parties, all groomed and encouraged by the kleptoglobalists, and under the cover of "keeping us all safe", Petrov has clamped down on its citizens' rights and freedoms, leaving the nation divided and in turmoil. However, amid the despair, a burgeoning citizen's opposition movement emerged, composed of several loosely unified groups, all fighting for one common goal: the restoration of democracy and freedom, including having a parliament that truly works for the best interests of the people.

At the helm of one group that made up this diverse coalition was the charismatic and influential leader, Alexander Volkov. Alexander's unwavering passion and eloquence made him a beacon of hope in the darkest of times. His stirring speeches inspired people from all walks of life to unite against Petrov's authoritarian rule and the weak opposition parties that secretly support the concentration of power into the hands of a few.

As the citizen's opposition movement gathered momentum, Petrov, the opposition parties, and his security agencies felt increasingly threatened. In a bid to maintain their oppressive grip on the nation, they concocted new laws, designed to suppress any form of dissent. These laws made it illegal to criticise the government or engage in activities considered subversive or anti-patriotic, or to make health claims or use remedies without the prior approval of the Govenment's "Regulators", all under the pretence of "keeping us safe".

Alexander continued his fearless stance against the regime's tyranny, placing him in the crosshairs of these repressive laws. The government seized the opportunity for a "gotcha" moment and arrested him, levying a litany of charges against him.

Faced with the prospect of a long prison sentence, financial ruin, and the ominous shadow of a "Julian Assange" scenario, Alexander was subjected to intense psychological manipulation by the government's secretive domestic security agency. Then they promised to drop all charges against him and guarantee his family's safety if he would agree to act as a double agent. He'd be released, and all charges would be quietly dropped.

Fearing for his family's well-being, lengthy incarceration, and yearning for the interrogations to end, he reluctantly agreed to the government's terms. His release sent shockwaves through the opposition, as some celebrated his acquittal, or light sentence, but were viewed with suspicion by others.

Alexander continued his efforts to rally the opposition against President Petrov's regime, but his actions grew increasingly ambiguous. Bitter conflicts emerged within the once-united opposition movement. Strategic disagreements and whispered suspicions eroded the trust that had bound the groups together.

As division and mistrust festered, Petrov's regime exploited the growing disunity among the opposition. Their grip on Libertas tightened, and the dream of democratic restoration began to fade.

This story is a haunting reminder of how even the most charismatic leaders could be manipulated to secure the oppressor's grip on power for the long term.

My question to you is this: "Could a scenario such as this play out in New Zealand?

United we stand — divided we fall.

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Gary Moller
Gary Moller
11 de out. de 2023

Realising the host of the above video is the predator, Jimmy Saville, I thought it is all the more appropriate to associate with a story about evil, greed and exploitation.


11 de out. de 2023

Oh Gary, hearing that song again nearly made me cry....We rallied, and sang our hearts out, and debated until we were hoarse in the throat on all these issues back in the 60s and 70s, and here we are again, as grandparents, trying to rally the young people to do the same, to never give up fighting for our freedom of thought and speech to establish true justice and peace in this world of ours... We have to outsmart, outlive, outlast, these greedy tyrants! God is on our side, but we, the people, must unite in heart and soul, and say, "No more!" God bless you, Gary, and thank you for your vigilance :) XO

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
11 de out. de 2023
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So true about what you say of the good old days!

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